Camera Calculator Questions

Good day!

I love the camera calculator. I use it almost daily, and can't say enough good things about it. That said, I also have some request. I know it's been discussed before, but a height/elevation section would be huge, especially if it adjust the field of view "triangle" on the map itself. Also, I'm pretty sure it's user error but when I upload my plans the resolution is terrible. Is it because I'm using PDFs? Finally, when I do high density projects I end up with a jumbled mess. The ability to use different colors or make the camera body smaller would be immensely helpful with this. Does anybody have some tips for this? Thanks!


camera body should be just a little color dot IMO

1, thanks!

  • Height / elevation is one the committed roadmap and will be released before the end of the year.
  • In terms of terrible resolution for pdf uploaded floorplans, can you email me with the pdf you are trying to upload. A week ago I had a pdf that looked terrible but I have uploaded 10 PDFs since and all look good. For example, I just uploaded Longse price list PDF:

  • "The ability to use different colors or make the camera body smaller" Different colors is something that makes sense. We can add editing the camera properties to pick specific colors. Making the camera body smaller is possible though that increases the risk / difficulty of moving the camera since the camera body is what is used to move it.

Let me know your feedback.

Glad to hear about the addition of height! As far as PDFs go, I haven't used in a few weeks so I'll try again, and if it doesn't work I'll send it your way. As far as the size of the camera icon, I get what you are saying as I often inadvertently end up adjusting focal length while trying to adjust distance, but I still think a size option would be nice. Even just two options were available, say the one currently in use and dome about 1/3 that size would be big improvement.

We are planning to add a dome icon option when models that are dome cameras are selected. It is not going to be super small since, again, we need to provide a way to grab the camera for moving but that should help.

Let me know about the low res PDFs, I do believe there is some condition where it happens but we need to figure out what that is to fix it.

Update: the resolution issue is fixed. We had a cap on max resolution imported and we have increased that to 5K / 20MP (which will handle the example U1 shared with us).

Try it out, let us know.

Maybe have the camera icon appear when positioning and adjusting, but then reduce when saved? The camera icon can reappear when editing the camera data.