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And here is the longer, more detailed, 10 minute version:

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Sorry to hear you are having an issue. Please email your PDF and project Permalink to and we will take a look.


In meantime, have you tried converting the PDF to JPG and uploading it in that format?


I am not able to upload pdf floor plan. Anyone else having this issue?


great new features at the camera calculator. :-)

But I have two questions. Currently I have no possibility to scale a floor plan, like in the tutorial described.

Additional, is it not possible to turn the floorplan? Because sometimes my floor Plans are not made in the north direction.



Very useful, and keep it up.

Rob, it depends on the region. This Google page shows a list of where they are capturing when.

I would expect that the average street view age is at least a few years, just based on my experience.


How often do the views get updated by Google? I wanted to use the calculator on an area of our campus but the view seems to be very old and does not include buildings that have been there at least a year.


Is there a way to change the color of the camera views?

There is not. However, soon there will be in the new V3 calculator. Related, you asked for and we enabled the new calculator for you. The new calculator does not have it today but this is already a feature we had plan and have done work towards so expect it in the next month or tow.

Is there a way to change the color of the camera views? We would like a way to differentiate between existing and proposed cameras.



Joe - Below the background controls are shown.  The gif shows how to change the background to map / satellite / blank.  After blank is selected the project is exported to a PDF and scrolled to show all pages are blank.    

If you are doing this, and not getting a blank background please email me a permalink so I can troubleshoot it - I am happy to help.

After importing my site plan into the calculator, how do I make a blank page for all the camera views when exported? 

Page 1-Overview page shows a blank background behind the site plan - this is what is needed. 

Page 2- Camera 1 shows a google overview behind the site plan. (do not want the google view)

Page 3 - Camera 2 Shows a google overview behind the site plan. (do not want the google view)


For clarity, the calc shows:


the exported PDF shows:

The PDF should be showing "Angle of view 60" rather than 80.


Dennis - To verify you are selecting the Corridor mode in the scene preview window, correct?

I just added a few cameras then exported the project to PDF, and it worked as expected for me.  If you send me a permalink I will see if I can recreate /correct the problem.

It seems to me that the exported PDF does not respect the landscape/portrait camera orientation and defaults to landscape (ex: 16:9, when the camera is in 9:16 corridor mode).

Steve - You can email me and I will have them added.  Let me know how else I can help.

Is there a resource where we can send you a camera to be added to the camera list?  Some of the new AD illustra cameras are not on the list.

James - I believe this may be a one time issue.  Can you save the project and then refresh the page?  Please let me know if this resolves the problem.


I am trying to design a job and am having an issue. There is boxes all over the screen saying this:

Sorry if this has been debated before, but, using search function I didn't find anything related. I would like to show the different coverage (about 360°) of a PTZ camera, respect a fixed one coverage, in a project developed using IPVM calculator. Is it possible?

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I havent read through the comments on here, but I have 2 suggestions for your calculator.

I had issues with importing images I took from my phone of the estimated shot I was trying to accomplish with my camera.  When I import the image, the FOV of the camera distorts my image and makes it difficult.  Perhaps an option to have the imported image be independent of the degrees of the camera?


Second, and an even better feature that should be fairly easy to work in would be a exportable or printable list of materials based off what is on the calculator screen.


15 cameras:

(10) Samsung XVI29 (random part number)

(5) Arecont 5185  (or whatever)


Some sort of bill of materials based off what is on the calculator would be pretty valuable.

The current maximum file size for uploading floorplans is 12MB.

What is the current maximum file size now?

Wonderful, thank you :-)

Robert - The P3227 and P3228 have been added.  Please let me know how else I can help.

Is it possiable to adjust the template when it is exported to PDF.



Smaller camera icons

different icons depending on bullet dome ptz etz

different colour icons

Panasonic WV-SUD638 which has an optical zoom of 30. Is there a way to adjust the zoom in the calculator

Yes, you can pick the WV-SUD638 in the calculator and it includes / knows its optical zoom:

And then you can zoom it in or out across its 30x zoom using the slider or just grabing the sides of the triangle of the camera:

Hi, just a request to add the Axis P3227 and P3228 cameras to the database.

Running the camera calculator for the Panasonic WV-SUD638 which has an optical zoom of 30. Is there a way to adjust the zoom in the calculator?

I need to put cordinates into the calculator. 
How can I do this?

Add a camera anywhere. Edit the camera (right click and select edit or pick the camera from the list on the main navigation and select edit).

One the edit screen appears enter in your coordinates and the camera will move exactly there:


I need to put cordinates into the calculator.
How can I do this?

If I put this     30°16'26.35"N    97°44'24.44"W   

into google I need to klick the magnifier to get it.

There is no magnifierin the calculator.




This is more of a suggestion to you and manufacturers. The Calculator in conjunction with the Camera Finder has been extremely helpful in choosing cameras. However, my biggest frustration is old/discontinued cameras that are still in the system. Manufacturers should know that this tool is being used more and more. If integrators are having a problem finding current cameras, they will likely move to another brand.

Just my $.02 on a great tool.


David Coughlin

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Hello Michael:

The street image is based on camera placement and the Google Street view integration. Does placing the camera again refresh that scene?

Any image rotation needs to happen before import.  The calculator does not support image editing controls.

Hope that helps!


When there IS a street image (in Scene), how do get back to it?  I was trying an imported image but did not like the result, so decided to use the street image but can't get back to it.

For am imported scene image, is there a way to rotate that image? The way I took the picture, it need a 90 deg rotation.

Thank you. that makes sense now.

the shaded area

The shaded area represents the dead spot based on the downtilt / set up of the camera.


Thank you for the quick reply :). 

I'm sorry, I was referring to the shaded area. what does that represent?

#18, the red line on the calculator represents the IR range specified for that camera model. In your example, the subject is placed beyond the max IR range so you should not expect for the subject to be illuminated out there in the night / at dark.

Hi guys,


What does the red immediately near the cameras in the field of view represent? 

How do I remove camera info from pdf or word so I can use this in proposals without giving away free consulting?

I assume you mean specific manufacturer / model information. If so, we do not have a way to hide that on exports for individual cameras.

How do I remove camera info from pdf or word so I can use this in proposals without giving away free consulting?

Andrew, AD is listed under Illustra which is the brand name of the camera, see screenshot:

Also, we added a lot of Illustra cameras last month. Let us know if we can help.

There doesnt appear to be any American Dynamics cameras in the calculator? Please advise.

Andrew, the 20 Pelco IBP cameras have been added to the Calculator. You may need to force refresh the calculator page to re-load the updated model lists but they are in.

Maximum file size right now is under 1MB. By the end of today, we aim to increase the server file limit significantly.

We will get the IBP environmental bullets added and will email you by Monday

The 270 degree camera we cannot support currently since it is a special FoV. We plan to add it later this year.

What is the maximium file size the system is capable of supporting?


The IBP121-1 through IBP521

Opetera IMM12027  270 degree camera.

I'm having trouble with the floor plan feature. Everytime I try to add a floor plan I get an error message.

This relates to file size. Later today, we will increase the max floorplan file size supported (this relates to moving to the new infrastructure). So either shrink the file size or wait until later today. I'll post an update when done.

Also how often are the manufacturer camera models updated. There are Pelco models that are not included in the drop down menu.

We update models every week and add hundreds of models monthly. As for the Pelco models, which are they? We will add them.

I'm having trouble with the floor plan feature. Everytime I try to add a floor plan I get an error message.


Also how often are the manufacturer camera models updated. There are Pelco models that are not included in the drop down menu.

Please advise why I cannot edit my labels? When i add it cannot be edited?

I am pricing several projects using Dahua IPC-HDBW2421R-ZS. Could this be added to the list please? The client has seen my calculations using the 3MP equivalent and of course now wants to see them based on this 4MP model. Also, is there an easy way to replace the 3MP model with the 4MP model across my current calculations or will I have to them one by one?



That is the blind spot, where the camera is unable to see (affected by factors like focal length, tilt) illustrated below:

What does the blacked out area represent on the field of view of a particular camera?


U13 - We have not had this requested before and most users position / aim / optimize the camera before locking them.  I am not confident this feature will make the cut - however "lock all cameras" is added to possible future features.  I will reply here with any update on that.

I was unable to recreate the floor plan message.  Can you email a permalink to

Is there a way to make the floorplan is locked message stop popping up as the user pans around?  Also, if there was a way to lock all cameras that would be great as well.

Bobby, thanks for the idea!  The calculator does not support this, but we just added this feature to the pipeline.  I will update here when I have an ETA for -90° support.

I do not have anything from you, but I just looked you up / emailed you - please reply with the permalink and I will look at it ASAP.  Thanks!

Hey John, did you receive the email?

Email sent, thanks!

U13 - Thank you.  The 12.0-H4F-DO1-IR FoV is corrected and the H4 SL line cameras (~15 models) have been added.

The calculator currently does not support multi-imager cameras like you are explaining.  We are aware of it and it may be a future feature.  Please let me know if you have any other questions - I am happy to help.

Hey #15, thanks for the kind words, sorry for your issues.

I've filed the floorplan lock as a bug. It shouldn't be popping up like that, or at least that much.

As far as multi-imager support, it's on the roadmap. We know it's not ideal right now, and we're figuring out how to more accurately represent it. It's been requested multiple times, and with more than just Arecont selling repositionable multi imagers, now, it's becoming more of an issue. 

Justin - To help you I would like to look at your project.  Please send a permalink to Thank you.

Robert - these cameras have been added.  Thank you.