Problems Mounting Camera Behind Glass?

I am wondering whether it is possible to hide a box or bullet camera behind an opening in a wall and cover the opening with transparent (plexi)glass. Is there any risk of glare or reflection due to the glass cover, more than with a similar camera inside a dome?

Will the camera have integrated IR LEDs? Everytime those kick on, it will reflect of the back of the front pane and wash out the image.

Only problem you may have is light coming in through the glass, bouncing off the camera body or similar interior of the apparatus, then reflecting off the interior of the glass and into the lens. This could happen if the lens is too far back from the glass.

Solutions and workarounds are to make sure the lens is as close to the glass as possible, paint everything in the interior of your setup a flat black to minimize reflection, or if necessary rig up a lens hood from a tube or ring that can be extended to butt up against the glass and block any incoming light from the interior of your rig.

Yes, this is a helpful post.

I have seen Silly Putty used to form a ring around the lens body on the glass and the camera pressed into it to close the gap. It worked perfect, but you could see something stuck to the glass from the outside.

I'm not suggesting you use a ridiculous children's toy for this, just be mindful that flexibility and opaqueness are needed, and it can be seen from the outside if covertness is the goal.

No, the camera has no IR LEDs.

Look into using a Polarizing Filter, to reduce the glare.