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Buying Dahua Online - Unlawful, Unauthorized Or Unclear?

Seriously, what is the deal with this stuff?

Four ways you can buy Dahua on the web:

  1. With the Dahua label
  2. With no label
  3. With someone else's label
  4. With your own label

What are the consequences of each flavor, if any?

Does it matter whether the sale is to an end-user or reseller?

What is Dahua's actual (preferably written) policy?

How can you tell who are the authorized U.S. dealers of Dahua, where is the list?

Background info: Is It Ok To Relabel Dahua Without Permission?

John, any chance you want to use your secret bat channel to ask Dahua for an official response? From what I see on IPVM there are a multitude of people referencing Dahua product and prices.

It would be nice to clarify what the risks are to actually buying this product.


Don't know how I initially missed this statement from Dahua (2012).

1. Dahua Technology only sells wholesale products through authorized distributors to ensure that customers obtain proper support and service, and Dahua Technology has never sold Dahua Brand Products on any e-commerce websites.

2. If a Dahua Technology product is purchased from an unauthorized distributor, websites or other sources, it will not be honored or serviced under existing Dahua Technology warranty policy. Any sale of products by an unauthorized source or other manner not authorized by Dahua Technology will void the warranty on the applicable product.

3. Dahua Technology reserves the rights to lodge a claim against those who infringe Dahua Technology’s legal rights.

4. If you have questions about a reseller or spot that Dahua Brand Products sold on e-commerce websites, please contact Dahua Technology

5. Here is to public a name list on the websites of unauthorized sellers of Dahua Technology. Any Dahua Technology Product purchased from these online merchants will void the applicable warranty.

Kind of a short list though, and no Amazon.

Here's Hikvision list, for instance:

Aliexpress ( CCTVOne (Amazon Store, Gemini Computers ( Nelly's Security ( Newegg ( TechGeekShop ( Amazon (

Moreover Hikvision provides a white list also of authorized distribution partners, whereas I still don't see that for Dahua...