Business Liability Insurance

We currently have our business liability insurance (and vehicle insurance) provided by a local company. When we are audited they talk about how they don't understand our business well enough and have no other accounts like ours. We stopped providing FACP services at their request because they explained it was too great a liability. I feel we are paying a higher premium as a result of their unfamiliarity with our industry and the services we provide.

Does anyone know of insurance companies that specialize or at least know our industry? Or are others in the same situation?

There are insurance companies that advertise themselves as specializing in policies for alarm installation companies. I'd probably start there, and ask them about liability for life safety devices. I'm not an expert but a google search came up with Alarm Insurance and All Risks among lots of other results.

Our GL is through a local broker but the actual insurance company seems to be Scottsdale Insurance Company. Hiscox Insurance also gave us a pretty good price and I can not remember why we did not choose them.

As a new company it was tough, and we wound up using 3 brokers for GL, WC, and Auto. Sucks when we need COI's but hey...

Keep researching, I went through 15+ brokers trying to find insurance

I use Hiscox for most of my policy, but they don't offer umbrella policies.