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Bus Fleet Solution, Ideas & Recommendations

Hi, I'm analyzing a bus fleet surveillance project. The idea is to monitor the bus realtime via 4G and to download (with better resolution) every time the bus approaches to the station. Any recommendation, case of study, software, hardware?

Hello, Hernan:

In the US, this aspect of the surveillance market has different incumbent manufacturer players, and big installers of transit surveillance are not normally 'traditional' security integrators. I do not have recommendations, per se, just a list of manufacturers (supporting your desired features) you may find helpful to research:

There could quite possibly be a list of thousands I haven't listed. Many larger manufacturers, like Axis and American Dynamics have 'transportation' product offerings, but they tend to be expensive and fleet surveillance is normally a very low-price, commodity hardware type of market.

This offers some explaination what they are so many 'low-end' providers: they kit together bits and pieces (even with the advanced features you describe) and go from there.


Dear Brian,

thanks for your response. It looks like there are 2 kind of systems for these situations:

a) rugged dvr, like black boxes.

b) "all in one" cameras

All of them with similar softwares used for forensic proposes:

But what happens when you want to centralize the video monitoring, make remote backups in each stops, view realtime video, etc. None of these manufacturers offers anything with these features.

Thanks again