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Need Bullet Resistant IP PTZ Dome Housing, Plus Worst Support Ever

We installed 4 Moog Deputy Domes that have a ballistic rating of 9mm at 20'. From the first day of the install the cameras have not worked correctly. After 4 months of messing around, Moog asked us to take them down and send them back to the factory. After 2 months at the factory, they final sent two of them back. We benched tested them on Monday, and they had the exact same problem. When the camera zooms in from a preset, the auto iris doesn't work and the image whites out. After hours on the phone with Moog and Axis, it was determined that the Axis encoder (282) built into the dome is not compatible with the Moog camera; it doesn't' support the auto iris feature. Today Moog issued us an RMA and said they would refund our money. Now we are stuck, with a very angry customer and know replacement. Does anyone know of a housing that will take a 9mm shot? Any ideas?

Hello Eric:

Do you need a dome camera? Could you use a box instead?

Bullet resistant/ballistics housings are pretty common in fixed /box varieties, but domes are more difficult to find, and I've only seen them in pre-packaged camera/housing combos like the Moog.


The spec was for a Sony PTZ with 35X zoom, so we do need a dome housing.

MEDUSA housing

I'm not sure if Videotec will make it in a bullet-resistant offering however.... the unit has a universal adaptor that fits Sony though.

Extreme cctv's moondance PTZ, 36x, level 1 bullet resistant.

US distribution link. No experience using one, just spec matching.

One other thought. As much as you are unhappy with Moog/Videolarm, is it possible to work around the encoder preset difficulty by using rs-485 for the control aspect? What exact model deputy dome is it? They also make a similar model without the encoder, that could be an option, though it might be some work getting it going.

Also, have to ask, the 10 inch clear dome around the deputy doesn't stop any bullets right? The real protection is underneath, right?

I'm not sure about the RS-485 option. Moog couldn't figure out an alternative either, the encoders firmware release notes show it as a known problem. Moog has discontinued all of their bullet resistant models, and has no other model that we can replace it with.

You are correct about the dome, it is just thin plastice, with a heavy metal encloser behind it. If you were to get under the camera and hit the lens, you could destroy it, but it would be a heck of a shot. It's too bad it doesn't work because it's a nice design.