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BRS Labs @ FIFA 2014

Big news for BRS!

BRS announced a $5.2M USD software order with Brazil

Going by BRS definition, will it perform better in the latter part of the tournament once it has learnt how people are behaving? Anyway I'd be greatly interested in knowing how the performance of the system works. If it indeed does as it claims, then it's certainly worth it.

We're one match away from unruly hooligans setting something on fire...

We already won that one, game,set, and sinker brian. Fanning flames with no credit talk about it. What does one take to get noticed by the USians? This is the famous April 8 years ago, Belgrade, is this enough to be treatied like star chopped livers?

I'm not sure I'd be hanging my shingle on projects like this before they are completed, especially a world cup.

We're one match away from unruly hooligans setting something on fire or destroying something.  

Not a photoshop

I read that Brazil is spending something like $840 million on security. So how does this play out? Assuming the BRS stuff is successfully installed and it does something (like generates alerts about 'unusual' activity) it will chirp somewhere in a monitoring center where a large staff is presumably already scanning various cameras around the city. If they bother to look at alerts they will most often see nothing but they were supposed to be scanning various cameras anyway, so no harm done by the false positives. Most (hopefully all) true positives will be minor issues some of which may be actionable like somebody jumps a fence, etc. There will (hopefully) be no major security problem at the event, so BRS gets to declare victory while Brazil can't claim the system didn't work--assuming it generated at least some true positives. So everybody wins, or the perfect crime?

Wow, I wonder how that's going to turn out.

There's a pattern with BRS Labs wins, high profiles projects with big security concerns with a lot of money spend. It's easier for them to buy into the hype / promise.