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Browser-Based Access Control Systems

Hi Everyone,

I was just wondering if you could help me pool together all the brands of access control systems out there that can be accessed via a web-browser (e.g. chrome, firefox, explorer etc).


To confirm, I'm referring to systems that do NOT require any client software installation.


Here's a few I'm aware of to kick things off.

 - Grosvenor Sateon Advance

 - Inner Range Integriti

 - Honeywell NetAXS

 - Kantech




ps. I'm in the UK so some of these may not be familiar to all but it would be great to get everyone's view.


Inception by Inner Range and Iprotect by Keyprocessor.

S2 Security

Avigilon ACM

Completely forgot about Avigilon & S2 - nice one!

Platforms that use installed clients often offer a browser based interface too. Lenel OnGuard is an example.

However, those web clients do not always offer the same functionality as installed clients.

So I'd recommend defining what features you need to have/ install restrictions of the web client, so replies here are not just random platform suggestions.

Building on Brian's post, another thing to be sure to pay attention to with any 'Mobile/Web application' for is where all the number crunching happens for any video and/or analytics that may be involved.

I have seen folks install 'everything' on a server then wonder why the system struggles when they were viewing video on a tablet or phone via the web app.   The reason was that all the video trans-coding was being done on the server.

Some VMSs allow you to have a separate system for handling the mobile/web functions, which will allow you to push that task off the recording server and allow for all the recorded video to not get lost.

S2 Security, we were one of the first, if not the first, in browser-based SMS systems.


S2 security has been a very effective web based platform however integrated video uses silverlight which isn't compatible on chrome or mobile, so you have to use the apps to view video on mobile. Works better that way anyway as it really is to much on one little screen. 

This dependency has been eliminated in recent versions.

Hi.  Just one note on Silverlight and S2. More recent S2 systems deliver video through S2’s Magic Monitor application, which requires no browser and is available for Windows and Mac OS (and most recently, Ubuntu Linux). Magic Monitor is a unified system client for the S2 ecosystem.

Browser-delivered video through Silverlight was deprecated several versions ago, and replaced by a plugin derived from the Magic Monitor technology.


On the ZK access system, the software has to be installed on one device, then any other PC can access that device via a browser.



Adding to this piece of information:

- ZKTeco's BioTime Web (nowadays available with its version 8.0) is a Time Attendance web based solution that also entails access control functionalities, and it just requires a server installation to let customers use it from any browser

- Another solution (this time completely cloud based) is ZKTeco's GoTime, but in this case we are only talking about Time Attendance

The ZK Atlas product now has an embedded web server for management that did not exist back in 2017.

Don't know why this post came back to life?

We tested Atlas in 2019: ZK Teco Atlas Access Control Tested

It was integration limited (no video or 3rd party management software), and was not remote or mobile access, but it was fast and didn't bog down like many embedded systems.

ICT WX has also embedded browser-based access and intrusion system.  Supports up to 128 doors and 512 inputs. 

Linear eMerge e3-Series

Comnet/Vanderbilt - Blue and Lite Blue

Comnet/Vanderbilt - Blue and Lite Blue

Hartmann Controls Protector.Net system





BluB0X Security Inc. 

Thank you for recommending BluBØX!

BluBØX Security's BluSKY platform is completely in the cloud (hosted in Azure) and can only be accessed through a web browser. It is browser-agnostic which means you can use any browser of your choosing. The platform provides a breadth of security applications all accessible on one platform where you can choose what you need for every location. 

• Access Control
• Alarm/Intrusion (and DICE Integration)
• Video Management (Milestone & soon to be others)
• Visitor/Vendor Management
• Biometric Person Readers
• Wireless Locks Integrations with Allegion, Assa Abloy, & Salto
• Elevator Relay & Destination Dispatch
• Power Management
• System Health
• Reporting & Analytics
• Artificial Intelligence for every application

John is correct in defining what the features are needed/required so I am just providing you more info on our offering to review.

You can learn about the features and capabilities here: 


Any cloud based system will also be browser based. However, not all systems that run on browsers are cloud based. Of course, this is always changing with product updates and technology advances. Keep in mind that some manufacturers claim that they have a browser solution when it's really a "thin client" with limited feature sets that can run on a browser.

When selecting a system, consider things like current and future needs, local and Internet availability/stability, and integration needs.

In addition to S2 mentioned, systems such as Brivo, RS2, Feenics, BLUEB0X, Linear, and Honeywell's NetAXS are options for browser based systems.




They have both a Cloud based and a Server based solution.


Their products are IP based.



TruPortal by Interlogix has a great browser based access control platform. It even uses Bluetooth readers now as well. The interface for the browser and the app are better than any security app I have ever seen and is extremely easy to use.

Picture Perfect, but it is of course on it's way out.

We still buy a couple M3000s every month.  Pretty sure we are the last horse across the finish line here.

Kantech?  I am also looking for Web Based Embedded Serverless solution, but I thought Kantech requires Host software named Entrapass. Am I mistaken about this? If so, which controller?



Kantech Hattrix is the cloud version. No local server is used. EntraPass Web is the management platform, standard KT series controllers can be used.

Mircom TX3-CX with the IP module.

Impro Systems Access Portal 

3xLogic Infinias - 

Just following on from the this, does anyone know if Sateon is "End of Life"?


I emailed Grosvenor last June, and it took a long while for them to respond. They told me that COVID had deeply impacted their operations. Sateon was not 'EOL'd' at that time.

Hi Brian,

That sounds right. As I understand it, Grosvenor have updated their platform and are reverting back to their original branding for their product - called Janus.

EoL would imply they are shutting down but I don't think that's the case here.

Perhaps we classify this as a "fork"?

Thanks for coming back to me Brian. There is some talk of it being EoL but it's trying to pin down the truth and it's not something that is usually shouted from the roof tops. We see it it being ripped out across a number of projects now - so its just understanding what the impetus is.

I've worked with Truportal and ACT365, soon i'll get some first hand experience with Salto KS.

ACT365 would be my go-to for browser based at the moment. It's cheap, the hardware is reliable and the interface is good.

It's not cutting edge on reader technology, omitting Bluetooth and osdp(May have changed recently though) but it offers great value.

Disclaimer: I used to do tech support for ACT365, but i dont anymore. I try to offer an unbiased view still.

The Axis A1001 does 2 doors per system, and is POE-powered. I used 4 of them for an 8-door system and they worked great, accessed by Chrome. I cannot vouch for them working in a large scale deployment, but they worked well, and had a solid set of features. Several sw platforms integrate the A1001s into their offerings, so I assume that would be the direction to go for a large deployment. We used Chrome from both PC and Mac to access the system.

I am working with 2N Access Commander. 2N® Access Commander - Access System Software - 2N

Very good, sleek and modern software, does attendance monitoring in addition to Access Control. But, it works only with 2N hardware (Intercoms, Access Panels, etc.)

Highly recommend.

TDSi is another one to consider.

Be aware that the Sateon system will be going 'end of life' in the fairly near future and is being replaced with the Janus C4 system. Note that where Sateon is compatible with Janus C3, the C4 system is not compatible with either.

Thanks John,

I think it's pretty well widely talked about regarding the EoL, but I can't find any formal notification. C4 is proving extremely unpopular with many SI's who are reporting a total lack of tech support and performance issues.

It seems many of Grosvenor techs have bailed and there is simply no tech support, knowledge or capability on the C4 product. This is filtering down to the market where the Sateon is not being replaced with any Grosvenor product due to lack of confidence in Grosvenor to support it.

Company death knell comes to mind.....

Axis has one.

PDK is browser based as it’s a cloud based system. Easy to use and plenty of installation options. Low cost on the rmr compared to others.