Brian Karas Lives ... And He Has A Huge Battery Backpack

For those of you who miss Brian Karas, I give you his YouTube video:

What do you think? Useful? Replicate it? Improve upon it?

Brian Karas at ISC West 2015:

That's pretty cool! I'd wear that.

Phase 2 = fanny pack

Seems like a brilliant product, but you'd look like the world's worst Ghostbuster wearing that.

With the network switch on the side facing the carrier's back, the thing must be darned uncomfortable.

I have been informed that it is not huge, just my perception of watching the tightly zoomed video.

Thank you for sharing Brian.Quick question, can you modify to add electric power and have it chargeing and use it in remote areas where power is available and there is no internet available for transmission, So it acts as a backup power supply and uses the 3g for transmission?

What about the new everfocus unit advertised by Tried and sys depot

Like the idea

Can the plug in s be set up for a front chest display, plug in s from side and not in back

How ease to put on , take off , are the straps easy release or cumbersome.

and will this company be in business in a few years from now , product stability

Battery life?

Ease of charging , time for charging

Interesting video share Biran thanks.

We recently ordered the Sidekick product from Everfocus we also have the veracty pin point units for most of our service techs touching camera systems.

The sidekick adds the WiFi and PoE+ support in a fairly compact package. I recently took it to a demo appointment at a local midlle school. In that case I used an Axis single sensor 360 for an inside stairwell location then switched to an Arecont 12MP 180 for an outdoor bus stop location. I simply used velcro tape to hold the sidkick to my camera tripod with a single CAT cable to the camera. To keep things light for a walking demo I used my ASUS based Android tablet to display the scene live to the facility admin staff on the spot despite the droid based browser not being the best for camera set up the display on most tablets IMO is sufficient to show the camera coverage view.

Overall the sidekick seems like a decent addition to the tool box.

The funny thing is even with the Avigilon Curtain that came down awhile back, Brian is still in the list of top 10 all time posters.

Brian, How long does the 12V battery last for live full video stream? And does the battery last longer if you go 3G as opposed to wifi? Thanks, Will