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Lightning Protection - Single And Multi Port Options?

I am looking for some brands and model numbers of surge suppression that work with POE. Currently we run the CAT5e back to the POE injector and then to the switch. We are now doing some cameras higher than door level and plan a couple on the roof line. I am thinking whatever (if any) protection the POE injector provides will not be sufficient?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I can give you several product and company references.I hope others post more because I have a high interest in lightning arrestor and surge protection products.

I have encountered several end users who have had network equipment taken out by lightning strikes to outdoor cameras or their mounting poles. This can also be a danger to electricians working. Some integrators have also told me that they only install fiber-optic connections outdoors in areas where lightning storms are common. I'd like to hear more about that, too.

The three companies are ITWLinx (sold through Graybar), NITEK and Phoenix Contact. I have successfully used or tested the ITWLinx and NITEK products.

I've had issues with surge protection for cameras and PoE switches a few years ago. For example, one product that we had used successfully on other projects, wouldn't work with a specific Cisco PoE switch. Worked with other switches both in the lab and in the field. Months after we took the lightning arrestors out of our project, Graybar released a special version for certain Cisco switches (including the one customer-provided switch that we were using on the project).

If you haven't seen the product validated with the EXACT make and model of PoE switch and camera you have or plan to use, make sure to perform a bench test or preliminary field test first before installing.


Nitek has individual and multi-port surge protectors.

I have used the multi-port units in lab environments, and have used other Nitek products in the field.


DATATRAB is the line of network surge protectors. I have no experience with these.

Here is a YouTube video (they even mention security cameras) about their DATATRAB Ethernet and PoE surge protectors:


Some models support PoE and some don't. My colleagues and I have used the CAT5E models.

The Graybar units are manufactured by ITWLinkx ( Home - Electrical Surge Protection | ITW Linx ) with the product name SureGate.

The SurgeGate models come with this guarantee:
$50,000 Connected Equipment Warranty - This ITW Linx product will protect your equipment or we will repair or replace it up to $50,000!

I have provided a few Graybar part numbers and links to the "Shop GraybaR" website below from info was easy to grab from our research doc.

The Graybar website pages don't identify the Cisco-specific models - you have to download the PDF cut sheets from the Additional Material tab on the product page to find out if it's a Cisco-specific model.

There are punchdown models for those below that have RJ45 I/O. We couldn't find Graybar/ITWLinx RJ45 I/O for Cat 6 models. You'd have to call about that.

Cat 5E - for non-Cisco PoE Systems - RJ45
Graybar Part #: 25030131

Cat 5E - for Cisco PoE - RJ45
Graybar Part #: 25112399

Cat 6 - for non-POE LAN protection - Punchdown
ITWLinx Part #: CAT6-LAN
Graybar Part #: 22103424

Cat 6 - for non-Cisco PoE - Punchdown
ITWLinx Part #: CAT6-POE
Graybar Part #: 22103431

Cat 6 - for Cisco PoE - Punchdown
ITWLinx Part #: CAT6-75
Graybar Part #: 22103427

Hi Ross, we know about Nitek IPPWR1. It has wide temperature range and good protection parameters. Also there is one available from APC - PNET1GB also with PoE support
Will be glad to hear about another opinions and may be somebody can share experience about any other systems for Ethernet/voltage surge protection for low and high voltage

Have a look for Novaris LAN UTP protection. We have used them for almost three years now with no issues. Test before you use them within your environment.

We started using Ditek (yes, with a "D") awhile ago and they seem to work ok. They have single port units and panels and rack mounting accessories and support PoE+.

^^^ The guy from Florida doesn't vouch for Lightning Protection lightly. One of the most active atmospheres, anywhere.

Guys, may be anybody has experience with proven and reliable devices to protect also voltage lines from surge and overvoltages?

Awesome! Thank you very much everyone, this helps out a great deal!