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Whimsical Box Camera Options (Parson Animals)

If you ask what form factor they'd prefer the cameras to be, and the customer responds "whimsical", well, now there are options.

I'm not even going to pretend I don't love these.

Truly bizarre! It's the intersection of Patch Adams and 1984.

Is that for real or is it a joke?

Try ordering one and see?

No ordering info. I work for a company that would actually buy something like this too....

I am shocked at how life like they actually look, they would fool any "real" animal or any would be intruder. I am thinking about getting the squirrel and mounting it in the corner of our office, right next to our avigilon micro dome, it will be an addition to our "discrete" lineup of cameras.

That combo would look like this:

i'm dying... that is hilarious...

They are real. I talked to the designer about a month ago about doing an interview, but she is still traveling in Europe and wants to wait until she's settled down.

Those are fantastic. Please keep the group posted on any updates you receive.

Will do. I actually contacted her again by email today to see if she's be up for doing an interview by email.

Let me know if she branches out into steampunk designs, I know some people who would be totally into that.

Something like this?

Hi Ari, I'm curious. How did you find out about these cameras? I can't even find any info on their site to say they are cameras or camera housings, and Google didn't find any other info for me. I've been looking for attractive housings so this is of great interest. Thank you for your post.

I say it on Gizmodo, who linked to it from an industrial design site.

Thank you for the direct links Ari. There are some detailed photos on the industrial design site. I'll be interested to learn what kind of cameras might fit in the animal housings.

Now taking preorders, apparently.

Wired has a story on these housings, with obligatory reference to 1984. Some surveillance manufacturer needs to commision a movie or TV show or something where the CCTV installer is a good guy.

Some surveillance manufacturer needs to commision a movie or TV show or something where the CCTV installer is a good guy.

Why don't you get the ball rolling by selling the big screen rights to your 'NY Confessional' to one of the majors? (Sony?). Maybe see if Clooney's 'people' are interested in the lead role, unless you have time for a cameo...;)

Any idea on price?

prob like 50 million depending on location of the movie shoot.

if we do it low budget it may not attract enought viewers to offset the cost...

It will not take long for this idea to get ripped off and be mass produced. It is a novel idea, though, especially for theme parks and public parks. Do they come in goofy, donald, and Mickey for my local daycares.

Evidently, they are ONVIF compatible as well...

I don't see any update or news on how to order them. However, this might be a real opportunity for a real manufacturer to create something like this.

Though I still think it's absurd as it will require a box camera and the black / smoked lens area is going to seriously undermine low light performance.

If you are at IFSEC, you can see these on the floor at stand F1752:

A PTZ version would be fun!

Now there's a thought...

What animal looks like a PTZ?

Maybe one eye could be the camera and the other could be an IR emitter?

Although, if it is realistic enough, your fat gorilla might actually provide some deterrence value.

Looks like I was wrong about the deterence value of the 800-pound gorilla cam. Instead of detering criminals, they attract cheerleaders.

Pricing for these cameras are almost unbelievable - ~$2,300 and up (volume discounts apply)

Here's the price list.

Parson emphasizes that, "The production is entirely hand-made by Italian artisans, and they are composed entirely of cast aluminum."

Whoa! I'd think you could get a local artist to paint a box or dome housing and add on some nice accents for a lot, lot less.

Now the astronomical pricing has been revealed, I don't find this thread funny anymore.

Forget Pelco. I want Dahua to acquire Parson and produce this product at a sensible price!

I can buy regular housings and some paint and some brushes and glitter and pipe cleaners and popsicle sticks and whatever, and then drive down to Bay Ridge or Bensonhurst and ask random Italians if they'd like to be artisans and pay them to paint the housings for me for less than $2,300.

I should probably film it for YouTube, too.

Hey, I heard you were in the market for surveillance cameras. Look how cute it looks! Yeah, no, it's basically a regular camera, no better or worse... but look at it! It looks like something Disney would make! No, yeah... yeah... $2,300. No, per camera. Uh huh... uh huh... well, I can get you a volume discount- but... uh huh... yeah, hand made by Italian artisans... no, I am being serious... no, but- hello?


Dang it! I was actually interested in these too......

This is awesome.

This could be a good sell for daycare and kindergarten schools. I'm working on a high-end art school where these would be a great replacement for all of the standard interior domes. But the price just isn't anywhere close to being affordable... unless of course you're Bill Gates.

Hay Parson, just a suggestion; consider substituting the cast aluminum with vandal resistant plastic to help make it more affordable.


I'm being halfway serious. Why couldn't an enterprising installer just load up on cheap plastic animals from the dollar store and make something work?