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Bosch VRM

Bosch Video Recording Manager (VRM) - any analysis made on this?

thanks for your response.

Disclosure- Bosch rep- Bosch has expanded the capability of the Bosch Video Management System (BVMS) to include a service called Video Streaming Gateway. This Gateway is the path for ONVIF cameras. Video Recording Manager (VRM) is also bundled with BVMS and it controls storage management of iSCSI based storage and the cameras in the system. The new Divar IP (to be released any day) takes all of the BVMS components and also the storage and combines it into one network appliance that is scalable to expand to many devices as the system grows. Hope this helps...

We have not taken a deep look. The traditional limitation was that this was a Bosch IP camera only system, making it limited in application, especially for the large camera count projects it appears to fit best in. My understanding is that now it supports 3rd party cameras via an adapter interface.