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License Needed For Bosch VMS Client To View Server?

Sorry for the vauge question..

Does a customer need to buy a license to run the Bosch VMS Client to view the server?

Figured it out. :)

And the answer is?

I forwarded this to Bosch fwiw

If you get the Bosch IP 3000 server, which we are looking at You get 32 camera licenses and 5 client licenses included.


Ross, what do you think of the 3000? I noticed the appliance, without hard drives, costs ~$1,300. That's relatively inexpensive considering its the box and 32 licenses for that price (with ONVIF 3rd party support).

What drove you to choose this?

We have no hands on time with the 3000 as of yet.

The customer has a small need for 4 cameras looking at 2 smoking pits. Their CEO wants to see who is taking breaks longer then they should be. They want it cheap, we went with Bosch because it is what they have at their site right now (analog 60+ cameras running on old DIVARS). They will install a mini pc on the back of the monitor he wants set up in his office to view these 4 cameras daily.

This is a good way to slowly move them to IP cameras.

The license part was wrong the max is 5 client licenses.

From the datasheet

Workstation clients
Included 5
Max 5
DVR/BRS systems
CCTV keyboards
Forensic Search clients
Mobile video service