Bosch Confirms Integrators Have Beards And Wear Plaid Shirts


Hipster Integrator Logic:

  1. Huddle under Eisenhower-replica jacket to keep rain off beard.
  2. Tons of rain on expensive sales tablet? No problem.

I see nothing wrong with this logic.

From the third installment, PIR activated LED.

This sounds like a good idea. But I've tried to MacGyver a few of these myself and have been disappointed. Mainly because of the time it takes for the picture to adjust to the lighting change can be several seconds, more than enough time for someone to get out of frame, or destroy the camera.

Hard setting the gain/ss helps a bit but then the picture is dark unless motion or strong daylight.

Is this camera the same? Suspiciously, we don't get to see the camera POV for several seconds...

Looks like Sam was not cutting it:

He's back...

Now he's got a blazer:

And a plaid shirt. Very stylish.