Body-Cams For All Frontline Toronto Cops

The Toronto Police Service released its evaluation of a nearly year-long pilot project — from May 2015 to March this year — that saw 85 officers across the city wearing video cameras on the front of their uniforms.

The report, presented to the civilian oversight board, found the pilot project had shortcomings. The battery life of the cameras lasted up to only half of an officer’s 10-hour shift, corrupting video files when the cameras stopped in the middle of recordings.

The sample size was also statistically so small, it was difficult to draw any conclusions on key issues, such as whether the existence of the cameras would cause the number of public complaints against officers to drop or whether officers would file fewer use of force reports.

Nevertheless, the service’s review showed that “while the technology used did not meet all of the Service’s needs, body-worn cameras do provide the unbiased, independent account of police/community interactions, as expected,” according to a TPS news release.

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I am not sure but they probably tested Panasonic cameras.