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What Body Camera Should I Choose For A Retail Application?

A customer has requested I obtain a camera with audio that can be worn by an employee that will either record wirelessly to the server, or record locally to an SD card and be downloaded after a shift to the server. Does anyone know of such a product? I assume it would be like something that law enforcement wears.

Ben, does it need to be covert? Because most 'body cameras' are pretty overt, either like a cube camera attached to ones chest or a google glass type setup.

Thanks for the reply. The camera does not need to be covert. I believe the most important factors would be quality of audio and the ability to either store long timeframes of video/audio or send wirelessly with retaining quality to the server.

I have had limited experience with a couple body worn cameras. Vievu is one brand that I have used in the past. They worked well but did not withstand constant use. The USB port in the bottom of the camera ended up failing. I believe they have newer models now, the one I had was about 2 years old. Taser Axon is another body worn camera that was recommended to me. I have not used this device but the website makes it look great. Panasonic also makes a very large body worn camera that is very expensive and bulky. They are supposed to be coming out with a replacement soon.

Try this one: IndigoVision Frontline

Not available until Q1 205 but I saw this at Intersec Dubai and it looked great.

I saw a product called Saftey Vision recently that looked like it might fit the bill. No experience with it.

I recently visited a retailer using these cameras on all clerks and store helpers. It was a sporting goods/camping chain store. (Everyone except the employee at the firearms counter, apparently to avoid 'privacy concerns'.) There was probably 15-20 staff in total.

They were wearing VIEVU brand units. The only reason I know this is because the logo was embossed on the unit itself.

Fascinating, I have not seen a retailer use them yet. Is this a trend?

btw, was it the square vievu units?

Yes, it looked like the square VIEVU2.

The employees were wearing these with their name tags stuck on the front and clipped to the pocket of the button-up shirt every employee was wearing.

This is a unit I have seen at several trade shows - self contained, small, and simple operation - slide the front down about 1/3" and it starts recording - encrypted, no integrated monitor, looks reliable. Grampian Police (Scotland) have been the trial user.

Mark, thanks for sharing. That's a clever design. I've added their demo video to your comment so people can see what it looks like / how it works.

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If live streaming is a requirement, I recommend looking at Vidcie; Solution: Vidcie Live Video Service - Vidcie

Live streaming, records on camera and to Vidcie server or integrates to VMS. Most law enforcement body cams are record-only devices.