Blackboard Transact


What are your thoughts or experiences with Blackboard as a VMS? Compared with Genetec and Milestone if available.

Thank you!

Unless something has changed in the past year or so, Blackboard OEMs Video Insight. There's an integration between their access and VI, I believe, but I don't know the extent of it.

We have a test of Video Insight here. To sum it up, they've improved quite a bit in the past couple of years and have a pretty solid VMS competitive with other mid-tier levels of other VMSes like Milestone or Genetec. They are lack some search and export features, though they told us at the time of the test that they were focusing development on improving that.

Hopefully someone else has some real world experience with it and can comment here.

That is interesting; we had a meeting with a sales team from Blackboard and they never mentioned VI even though I talked about managing a department that is using VI for their video cameras. The product they demoed was not VI.

It may have changed. We're following up for clarification. I'll post here when we get a response.

Ethan. Did you ever follow up on this?