Best Biometrics Quote Ever

"In 18 months biometrics will gain a significant of market share. We just don’t know which 18 months."

Here's the full quote from SDM's Reading the Future of Access piece:

"And what about that other convenient technology that has yet to find the foothold predicted years ago — biometrics?

That is one of those things: ‘In 18 months biometrics will gain a significant of market share,’” Coleman says. “We just don’t know which 18 months. There are large leaps happening but it still remains fractional. What is changing is there are some interesting things going on with one-to-many versus one-to-one templates because of more powerful processors.” Prices are also slowly coming down, and when convenience and price become compatible, big things can happen."

It's reasonable to speculate that decreasing cost and improving technology will increase uptake of biometrics in EAC systems in the years ahead. ...but the eternal forecast that biometrics will "gain (a) significant (of) market share" is a tired and worn claim. Apparently, the prognosticators are hedging their claims now with the exception that "we just don't know when it's happening."

What about you? Do you sense we are just months away from the biometrics juggernaut dominating access systems?

Serious question - was he trying to be funny / sarcastic or was he serious about the 18 months reference?

If he was being sarcastic, it was lost on SDM's editors. They qualify his remarks with the "big things can happen" bit. sheesh.

The main reason why biometrics has never gained mass market acceptance is price per door. Even though this technology has existed for a long time, it still only makes financial sense to use biometrics when you have a large number of users (let's say 1000+) and a small number of doors (so that the savings in the purchase of credentials makes up for the added cost of the biometric hardware at the door).

There is definitely a WOW factor with biometrics but the cost is prohibitive. If they want the "biometrics juggernaut" to dominate access systems, then they need to reduce the per-reader cost to be competitive with prox readers (just like prox did to mag stripe readers in the '90s)