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Biometric Recommendation For Single Door

Looking for a recommendation on a "simple" biometric reader. Must have a nice GUI & Ethernet interface. Usage is light, 10 - 15 users. It will be used in addition to an Alarm to secure a single door. TIA

Hello Femi:

When you write 'biometric', is there a specific class you're looking for? Fingerprint? Palm? Vein?

  • Will the reader be mounted inside or outside?
  • Are you looking for a pinpad for redundancy/multi factor authentication?
  • And lastly: Do you know which type of locking hardware you'd like to use with this unit?


  • Fingerprint or Palm
  • Choice of Pinpad is 50/50
  • Locking hardware: None, it's a manual roll up door

Hello Femi, Thanks for the feedback. Just so I understand: You need some outputs on the reader to trigger an operator for the roll-up door? Is this inside or outside?


For now, no trigger. The roll up in non-motorized

The goal is to prevent "unauthorized" users opening the roll up door

The door will be protected via a magnetic contact tied to the building alarm

Hello Femi:

This sounds more like an alarm system integration than a pure access control problem. If I understand the situation, you are describing:

1. The rollup door is armed in the intrusion system

2. A fingerscan disables the zone associated with the door, allowing it to be opened.

3. Once the door is lowered, the alarm rearms the zone.

4. An unauthorized fingerprint scan keeps the door armed, so it alarms if opened.

5. Someone not scanning, but just opening the door, causes the alarm to go off.

Does this sound right?


You are right on the money

Okay, great.

This being the case, do you mind sharing the make/model of the alarm system? Basically,it needs to do the 'heavy lifting' here.

Unfortunately, I think we'll need to go outside the alarm system to make this work, but let's take a look at what is there first.

DSC PC1832

Hello, Femi:

The bad news is that you can't do what you're looking to do from the alarm system. That DSC panel will not support a biometric reader, and the best you could do is stick an alarm keypad where you intended to place a biometric reader.

To be clear, a hardware solution could likely be designed using relays and contacts, but it would be a very kludgy solution and not ideal for production use. You really need a firmware/software integration to make it clean and reliable.

However, there are 'self contained' fingerprint readers that could be configured to work according to your idea. However, it would need to be separate from the intrusion system in order to work.

There might be a shot if the IT-100 interface module supports contact driven inputs, but I cannot get to the "Integration Manual' to see because I'm not a DSC dealer. Can anyone help out?