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Picture Perfect Biometric Readers?

Does anyone have and input they are willing to share on Biometric readers?

I have a legacy UTC (GE Picture perfect system) that I am testing Biometric readers as a supplement to security.

I’m interested in quality, functionality, manufactures technical support, backwards compatibility.

Hello John,

Please clarify which type of biometrics you're interested in?

Also, what is the primary goal for adding biometrics? "Supplementing Security" is not always a given, it can actually decrease facility security if poorly implemented.

Any specific functionality you require or desire? What do you want it to be backwards compatible with?

We are interested in Bio Readers specifically fingerprint readers that we can deploy to use with our existing access control ID card for duel factor identification.

This deployment is being driven by some industry regulations that require more than just an access control card.

  • Functionality – ease of use by the employee, ease of enrolment by the Systems administrators and speed of read.
  • Backwards compatibility – the manufactures ability to share the data of the existing readers with the newer model readers. I do not want to enroll 500 employees when the product line has sunset.

We have been testing three readers in our Lab at this time:

  • Bioscrypt V – Flex 4G
  • Suprema Bio Entry W
  • Morpho Sigma