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Biometric Reader With Multi-Discipline Card Reader

Looking for fingerprint reader with multi-discipline card reader which should to read both 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz frequency Tags. (look at impro, but its more looklike time & attendance terminal). Any other alternative solution to this which looks better (like 4G v-sataion, Sagem)...


I am thinking of alternative solution like integrating fingerprint reader with multidiscipline card reader (HID iCLASS), but in this solution card reader will be placed next to fingerprint reader, instead is possible to install the card reader with in the fingerpring enclosure. Any idea???

Hello, Do you have an idea of the specific data formats you need to read at those frequencies? HID Prox/iClass? DESFire/Mifare?

Even though card formats share a frequency, the reader still may not read it without paying a license fee to the credential provider. There are many readers that sense credentials in the 13.56 MHZ range, but exclude iClass capability because there is no agreement with HID in place.

Dear Brain,

Formate - prox and Mifare.

we want smart card option because changing the card (to new one) process will take more than 2 years. so for immediate usage we want fingerprint readers with multidiscipline card reader, so that client can use their old proximity card to gain access and slowly we will change the all the card to new dual tech cards.

We don't have any restriction on 13.56MHZ frequency because it will be on new system so we are having freedom to choose any fingerprint readers.