Big Police Show- IACP: What Should We Look Out For?

The big US police conference - the IACP show is starting this weekend and we are going to it.

Any thing you want us to look out for? Any specific police oriented products? (outside of remote controlled guns)

Any trends, technologies, products, etc.?

Here's a map of the show floor if you want to see who's going to be there.

Wearable video recording systems.

Speaking of which, Panasonic has one of the biggest booths (they announced a neat wearable megapixel kit earlier in the year).

It's a good idea! We'll keep a look out.

This looks interesting.

Booth 1301 - Intrado

What about mobile LPR product?

That's a good idea. I am sure LPR is a relatively big item for a police show. Thanks!

I'd be interested in seeing any interesting new non-lethal weapons demo'd at the show... if all R&D in this field hasn't been scrapped already in favor of free military surplus weapons, I mean.

I would like to know which technologies that they are using in terms of VMS, video analytics, face recognition, integration, and so on. Thanks

Tariq, it is a good question though I am not sure how much we can learn from going to the show. We can certainly ask police in attendance but how definitive / representative those answers are, is questionable.

Some times they are providing some information like this one.


Sure, and we have covered the NYPD domain awareness system (and their software provider). We should be able to get some other anecdotes but it won't be comprehensive on which technologies they are using.


Good idea. Carlton's at the show already. I'll ask him to check.