Beware "Marketsandmarkets In Forbes"

MarketsandMarkets (M&Ms) is touting being 'covered by Forbes', but beware that is an article from a 'Forbes contributor' not Forbes editorial nor journalists, including the disclaimers:

Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

The author is a Forbes contributor. The opinions expressed are those of the writer.

Here is an excerpt of M&Ms newsletter:

Unlike Forbes editorial, there are legions of these contributors, indeed the post promoting M&Ms: "Can The Research Industry Adjust To The Convergence Of Industries?" has less than 1,400 views in 5 days despite being on a Forbes, a site with 40+ million monthly visitors.

You might be wondering what is going on here.

A recent WSJ article provides some context: Forbes Will Pay All of Its Contributors, but Purge the Worst - Financial news publisher becomes the latest media company to overhaul its contributor network. These contributors are not real Forbes journalists and significant problems have occurred with 'fake news' or promotion. As one person quoted in that WSJ article notes:

The lesson of every fad in media—be it traffic, video or free contributors—is it is a scam.

MarketsandMarkets has become the most well known of a group of 'researchers' whose quality of reports are questionable, to say the least. See also Beware Scam Market 'Research'.

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