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Best Way To Transition A Client Away From Hikvision HD? Use Milestone, DW Or Hanwha?

We have a client that requested some new/additional cameras.

It turns out they have 2 existing Hik DVR's with HD cameras. One DVR  is a hybrid with a few IP cams as well. When I first got the call, I figured we would try out DW or Hanwha here (we are 99% Dahua/OEM and looking to migrate away). Then I discovered they have these 2 Hik DVR's. I think this is going to put DW or Hanwha out of the picture, as I am not sure they are going to support those Hik DVR's or cameras.


My thought now is to install a server for the new IP cameras, bring over the existing Hik IP cameras, and use the HIK DVRs as encoders if compatible.


Any thoughts or suggestions?


Have we reduced the cybersecurity risk by using the DVR as an encoder and not opening ports to the DVR directly? Eventually, the Milestone server would be connected to the internet.

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