How Should I Network This Video System?

Proposed plan to put in 8 cameras on a site, 3 are no brainers.

The other 5 cameras are 400+ feet from Nvr.

There is a electrical bldg 230 feet away. My plan is to put a PoE switch in bldg, as cameras are going to be fixed units.

I was just going to run 2 cat 5-6 to electrical bldg from main bldg. Ideas? Suggestions?

Do you plan to bury/trench the cables between buildings? In a single run?

PTP is the best and cheapest way to go if possible

I always like fiber for anything between buildings. No worries about lightning or ground loops. If this is a one-time job, I'd just buy a pre-terminated fiber cable.

I have used fiber i have used before with no issues.Thanks for reminder.