Best Tradeshow Keynote You've Ever Heard?

Many tradeshows feature prominent speakers, with the 'keynote' often being used to help promote the whole event.

Examples: Steve 'Woz' Wozniak (Apple Founder, Dancing with the Stars Guy at ASIS 2013) and Colin Powell (Former General, US Secretary of State at ASIS 2014) are 'keynote' personalities.

My question to you: What is the best keynote you've heard? Has a keynote ever dramatically changed your perspective or awareness on a topic?

I'm asking about any keynote you've heard, not just security (or Dancing with the Stars) related.

I cannot remember any keynote that altered my view on anything.

I heard Dean Meyer (former Pelco President and Schnieder Electric EVP) speak to a group of competitors integrator members of PSA one year, and I learned more from the crowd's reaction than anything he said, but it might have been the most interesting speech I've heard because of those dynamics.

I thought Condoleezza Rice was exceptional.

Hello Margarita:

I haven't heard the keynote you mention, but what made it great? What made it encouraging? Insightful?

Brian, for me it was very insightful to hear her speak about the 9/11 incident, about her during that horrific moment, and lessons learned. One thing I thought was interesting was her take on being accepted into the position as a women... which I think she said was not an issue. She also talked about the need for Americans to focus more on education/being educated. It was overall, a very good insightful talk. Oh also she stressed the importance of not taking the troops out too quickly from Afghanistan (?) but I can't remember if she stated why. Sorry, it was a while back so can only remember what impressed me the most.

Disclaimer - I'm not a FanBoy

The first PRODUCT Keynote that Steve Jobs did, in 1984, has to be #1. Most Keynotes today are templated from this. Keynote Video

If you have never seen any of his Keynotes, espeacially older ones... then enjoy! Jobs Videos

Update - Crap - Tradeshow Keynote

I never go to them. IMO they, like most other trade show classes and speakers, are a bunch of "fluff" aimed primarily at "pushing" a marketing agenda.

Has a keynote ever dramatically changed your perspective or awareness on a topic?

Yes, once, I remember it well, a standing room only presentation by Steve Ballmer at CES couple of years back, someone had kindly saved me a seat near the front. 20 minutes into it I swore I would never attend another keynote again, even if given by a risen Steve Jobs! So far, so good...

I was at a security symposium in San Francisco once where the Mayor Willie Brown kicked things off. He was hysterical and charming, and the good humor did wonders to set a mood of open discussions.