Best Tools Included With Cameras? Check Hikvision

I just opened a new Hikvision outdoor dome, and included in the box was this Torx wrench:

Normally, cameras ship with a tiny 2-3" Torx key, if anything. Not exactly a make or break on the deal, but it's much more comfortable tightening things with the larger handle, and the extra length makes it easier to get down into recessed screws, which is a problem on some domes especially.

It got me thinking: who else includes actual useful tools with cameras instead of the bare minimum little metal keys? I seem to recall Axis shipping an actual plastic handled screwdriver at one point, but I don't remember if they still do.

Axis still ships with a plastic handle screw driver. Hikvision Interior dome cameras come with the bare minimum but the exterior domes come with the plastic handle screw driver, at least in the smart series cameras. But that's the best looking Hikvision screw driver I have seen.

The HikVision 4k PTZ comes with excellent tools and a pair of white gloves.

Oh I forgot about the white gloves! Good one.

Did it come with a spec sheet? :)

No spec sheet per se., although it does include a complete quick start guide, cleaning cloth for the lens and a small CD with all the specifications and a copy of the free VMS software!

Sony includes a tool very similar to the Hikvision one in some of their cameras, but it has a small allen wrench on the long end instead of a screwdriver. The problem is the torx end is on the short side, making it pretty useless when trying to get a dome lid off as the long end hits the plastic dome when turning.

I carry one of these (Skinth Plus) daily on my belt with the most common torx keys. I can open probably 90% of the cameras I come across without worrying about the keys that come with the cameras.

Vivotek also includes a torx screwdriver with their vandal proof cameras

The white gloves are great for Halloween if you intend on being Michael Jackson. I love how these manufacturers think of stuff like this for us.

I love it when camera manufacturers actually include weather grommets for their conduit holes.

I don't remember receiving any tools with any cameras that I would save. They are usually dime store toys and not what I would use to be efficient. I don't even know why they bother to include them to be honest. They don't include a drill bit to install the fasteners.

I have actually received better quality tools with a replacement LCD assembly for an iPhone from eBay.

Vivotek also ships plastic handle screw drivers with their cameras, I have a door cubby in my pickup full of the HIK/Advidia tools, I will never ever be without one~

While I think it is a nice idea and the tool looks good. If you are installing 100 cameras that is 100 tools and 100 pair of white gloves. What will people do, throw them away after each job? A bit of an environmental waist.

How is the manufacturer to know if the customer is buying one camera or 100 cameras?

One might be creative and use a standardized wrench so we don't all have hikvision, axis, vivotek, bosch, and whatever other special wrenchs are needed.

One might be creative and use a standardized wrench

ONVIF Profile W?

Be careful what you wish for...

Some access control manufacturers furnish these little jeweler-sized screwdrivers for tightening down screw-down connectors in a panel. Those things are pretty handy for many uses:

Other uses: Dip switch programmers, I/O connection installers, shrink-wrap openers, eyeglass repair, splinter removal, mini pry-bars (just kidding), so on.

Is it Chinesium or Fe based?

edit: I can see some oxidation, that's actually a good sign!

Samsung cameras come with a small hand operated Torx L wrench and a long bit for use in your drill/driver.