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Best Solution For Trains

Hi All,

Any recommendations on surveillance solution for inside of trains. Either this should be a DVR in a mounted box? Edge based IP cams? Or what else? Any experiences?

The client feels the back end storage should be available, but the connectivity cant be available all the time. (specially in running train)

We have been given this RFP to be designed, please provide your valued feed back.

We would be grateful.

March, Apollo Video, Dedicated Micros, Safety Vision, UTC (Interlogix MobileView) are one of several companies that make mobile DVRs/NVRs and the VMS software. I'm sure that there are others.

Companies like Moxa make NVRs specific to rail, but need VMS software from companies like Genetec and Milestone.

Check out March Networks, they have been offering mobile DVRs for sometime. I'm not sure if IPVM has done any studies on their mobile equipment.

Servision's MVG-400 is installed in the new light rail in Jerusalem, Israel. It's a cheap but reliable system, and you can get live offsite viewing and downloading with a 4G USB router.

Hi Xishan, not to bring up an old post, but this has come up again here in another disucussion.

It is my understanding that IndigoVision has placed a number of systems in trains but I don't know the complete details. You might want to contact your nearest rep for information.