Best NEMA Box For Fiber On A Pole For Media Converter To Camera

Below is the existing installation. The media converter is attach via velcro to the side of the Altronix power supply. I'm sure you will notice how secure the box is. Currently, there are 2 other boxes similar to this that are not working. Most of the problem resides in the fiber connection but if we are going to repair any of this we want to make sure it's a better installation. Where this fiber terminates isn't great but the fiber is less prone to damage than it is at the pole. Which boxes have people used/found to better organize the fiber along with the power. I would rather have a two port patch secured with a fiber patch cable than how it is currently terminated. Currently, the fiber is fusion spliced and connected directly to the media converter.

One of the fiberglass L-Com units is probably your best option. There are models setup to have a power feed, or just empty boxes. Sealed or vented. Heated or with cooling fans. Or various combinations.

Is it possible to mount it any higher?

Right now it looks like people could easily stuff trash cheetos wrappers and empty pudding cups into it. :(

At the very least, you could screw in a clasp latch and lock it with a cheap padlock for $5.