Best Mobotix Demo Ever

best demo ever?

can you please expand on why you think this?


It is (probably) best Mobotix demo ever, because most of them were ... let's say not absolute truth.

Great demonstration of two-way audio!!!   

Best demo ever?  My takeaways here are that Mobotix cameras have built in Siri functionality and that I can clap my hands to turn them off.  Is this the 1980's?



LOL! Very clever but don't think I want mine turned off via clapping ;-)

Now this is my kind of equipment. They finally came out with something that to make it work you physically hit to turn it on. Coupled with the slightly rude Siri, I could see a lot of RMAs of broken camera housings.

So do you slap camera 1 to wake up camera 3,4,5...? No wonder she sounds a little aggressive.