Best Methods For Cleaning Domes?

Proper dome maintenance and regular cleaning varies depending on the surrounding environment and size of the dome, but does there exist a best practice? From addressing problems with salt water mist build up, cameras outfitted with rain wash coatings, cleaning tools and sprays, it seems that just about everyone has their own method for handling the task.

Granted, some manufacturers have taken this responisibility to heart, creating their own tools for the job. For instance, Dotworkz created the DomeWizard Dome cleaning tool.

Is this something you rely on to clean your domes? Is this the go-to method for dome cleaning?

So, I ask, what have you found to be the most efficient way possible to clean dirty or scratched domes?

  • How often do you clean them?
  • When and how do you clean them?
  • What do you do when you need to clean the inside?
  • At what point to you replace the dome bubble?

Please, feel free to offer any advice or suggestions in the discussion.