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Best Low Cost Car/Auto Surveillance System

Surprisingly, many of our clients are asking for a low cost auto surveillance systems. Can you suggest any particular brand? Also, just wanted to know if anyone here has dealt with any Chinese/Taiwanese manufacturers, assuming they are relatively inexpensive and a good value for the money.

I've been looking as the Axis product line for our security vehicles. Not sure about pricing, nor the expense to install. Not even sure if you can integrate with your VMS. Appears to be a stand alone unit.

The Axis offering is very expensive relative to the super low cost kits that most people in cars. It's not really a different purpose. Axis is a full fledge surveillance offering while the typical car kits are more like usb / flash cams.

I am in talks with some Chinese manufacturers about their Auto surveillance offerings. I have found this one that meets our requirements.

It has a 2MP camera that records on a microSD card and powers up using the car's 12v cigarette lighter unit. I am not sure about it’s performance in low light. My assumption is that a combination of high megapixel sensor and a small IRIS would make it a poor performer at night. I’ll research on the AXIS offerings next...

Btw, here's Amazon's top selling dash cameras. The list is pretty weak and buyers don't seem to be happy. This is weird as usually Amazon lists typically have a few very well reviewed options.

This one has some good ratings on Amazon.

Any IP dual dash cam? for front and cabin view. Must be IP.

Well what about using an IP camera? Are you looking for some specific feature typically found in dash cameras but not in standard IP cameras.

The size and the mounting

Which standard IP camera fits as well as those chinese DVR+Double Camera ?

Have any of you checked out Dash Cam Talk?

It's incredibly sophisticated and detailed reviews of dashcams. I can't figure out who's behind it but it seems quite authentic.

Wow, great webpage. But I didn`t see a single IP camera.

Just this one with wifi.

Dashcam are a very cost competitive business with under $100 USD the norm and $250 camears consider very expensive.

It appears that IP connectivity would any unnecessary cost for the overwhelming majority of dashcam users who just want an all in one kit.