Best Vendors For Banking 1000+ Cameras

What are the best list of vendors that I can rely on for Mega video survillance project (around 1000 IP camera on different locations) ?


Do you mean manufacturers or integrators?

If you mean manufacturers, what qualities or features are you looking for in the cameras or recorders?

This would help us give you more accurate feedback.

John ... I'am Looking for manufactueres ,they need indoor dome fixed camera 1.3MP ,out door dome fixed 1.3 MP ,outdooor PTZ,Fish -Eye and NVR to record for 100 days's a total solution for banking sector ....manufacturers should be only from Europ,USA or Japan.....


Do you want or require the same manufacturer to supply the NVR as the cameras?

For banking, do you need ATM or teller integration?

John ,no need to be the as same manufacture for NVR .....and of course they need ATM or teller integration.

On the camera side, there are lots of options as what you are asking is fairly mainstream. Excluding China, as you requested, Axis, Bosch, Samsung, Sony, etc. all fit. It depends on price you want to pay, local support, etc.

On the NVR side, the most established banking recorders with deep ATM / teller integration are March, Verint and 3VR. Most importantly, make sure any NVR supplier you speak with already has fully developed integration for your specific systems as many will say "sure we will add it for you" but then you face the risk of it not working fully.

John, according to the OP that only leaves Verint, right? March is Far East and I don't think 3VR sells cameras.


Tamer made it clear that the recorder and camera manufacturers can be separate - "John ,no need to be the as same manufacturer for NVR"

Also, March is a Canadian company / brand owned by a Chinese company. If Tamer does not want anything owned by a Chinese company so be it, but presumably he is trying to stay away from lower end products, not simply disqualify based on ownership.

Dang it!