'Best' LinkedIn Discussion Ever - 'This Is An AD'

This truly sums up the fall of LinkedIn for discussions. A shame too, as I liked our original LinkedIn group but they never invested enough in building tools / capabilities to stop this nonsense.

Terrible. Just terrible. The discussions have improved 3 fold since you started the IPVM discussion forum so I say good riddance to the Linkedin discussions of old.

I actually miss the IPVM LinkedIn forums. Here, I have no opportunity to poke fun at Todd Rockoff ;-(

Outbound half-duplex poking primer:

To one-way poke a non-member, simply start a discussion and within the first 200 (?) or so characters, include the pokees name and the poke. Something like "Bill Gates might be smart but he sure didn't see the whole internet thing coming, that's for sure! I remember bumping into him at a party in 1993 when he offered up this short-sighted lemon...".

Check "Poke as Undisclosed" for added mystery. If you get the number of lead characters right, the poke will simply end teasingly with something like "The Full Article is available to IPVM PRO Members Only."

Google will pick it up. Of course its only one-shot and one-way, but is that such a bad thing?


Here's another classic LinkedIn discussion:

It's now 67 comments along. While Munir never responds, the feedback is a mixture of bashing him, selling him and random non sequiturs like:

You gotta love the "Lamp style camera" spam. I'm just wondering where Anna Chen would suggest installing them.

Unfortunately, that is typical of Chinese company reps. They have absolutely no clue about LinkedIn etiquette. Once upon a time, I accepted a couple of LinkedIn requests from Chinese company reps and I regretted it: spam message after spam message. I tried telling the senders I wasn't interested, to no avail. I finally resorted to "unlinking" to them and now I refuse all requests from Chinese company reps.

There may well be Chinese companies who I would be interested in linking in to but the lack of sophistication of the ones I've seen makes me leary of all of them.