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Best Hybrid DVR/NVR With CMS Under $2,000?

I have a current customer with a VMS with a Centralized Managerment Software. Each building has its own video recorder recording locally. The CMS just sits on a server to report health issues and log users in. We do not have to manually enter users in each unit only at the CMS. Now due to budget they do not want to replace the units with = . We have to downgrade. This is not what i want to do but will loose the customer if I do not. I know there is less expensive equipment but know we will loose key features. ex: Everfoucs, Hikvision... Hybrid Solution or a mix of DVR's and NVR's with the same gui is alright. Just wanted to see what everyone recommends.

A, do you want to replace all the units in each building? Do you want to keep the existing CMS and add on new recorders? What VMS / CMS brand / manufacturer are you using now?

These would help in us giving more useful advice.

Currently have March Networks. Keep current setup but replace defective recorders wiith new equipment.

So you want to add a third party, lower cost recorder to the March CMS / system, is that correct?

Both Hikvision's iVMS-4200 and Dahua's Smart PSS CMS allows you to add and assign and rights globally. They both allow basic health information as far as video loss or tampering, HDD errors and full.

As far as hybrid recorders, they're available from both, but I haven't tested one from either of them. Of the DVRs I've used and or tested, I prefer the Dahua UI simply because things are a little easier to find. Hikvision isn't bad, though. Even in the TVI DVR we're testing they've made improvements to the UI in the past two firmware releases, and that's a very new recorder (released in late spring/early summer overseas, last month here).

John - lookings to keep both the new system and the March Networks seperate.

Ethan - I feel the HIk IVMS 4200 is not very user friendly. I havent used the Dahua yet...

If you are going to keep them separate then you can pick from pretty much any hybrid DVR. The big question is how much less do you want the recorders to be? Let's say March is in the $4,000 to $8,000 range? You want in the $1,000 range or?

The problem with really low cost recorders is that they typically put little investment on software / UI design.

I need the sale price to be $2000. Trying to explore my options since we will have to support and service the lower end equipment.

$2000 is an easy number to hit with Dahua, depending on how much storage you need. The Dahua hybrid DVR holds up to 7 (4TB max per drive) SATA drives. Fully loaded you will top $2000 retail. The hybrid DVR should sell wholesale for under $700 and 4TB drives are about $185, if you can find them in stock. The Seagate Surveillance 4TB is hit or miss on inventory.

For example, the DVR with 16TB of storage would cost you around $1500. That give you $500 worth of markup/labor leeway.

As for how well PSS works, we have used it extensively. It is far from perfect or easy to manage. It does not manage credentials centrally. Each DVR has to be administered independently. PSS is really just good for having a single interface for viewing cameras from multiple sources. It has the ability to playback, but only 4 channels max. It is also a cumbersome process.

On the other hand, Dahua now has Smart PSS, which is a completely different product. It has similar features, but looks very amatuerish. Playback is much better though. IIRC it allows for up to 16 channels playback. But we have found it to be less stable than PSS.

The one area that Dahua really excels IMO is their mobile apps. DMSS is a very good app. It allows for viewing 16 live streams and also has playback. It is a polished product and is their best effort as far as software is concerned.

Hik response: How many channels analog and IP per Hybrid DVR? Your local Hikvision rep can provide multiple options depending on the specific requirement. That will drive the price point. With our hybrids, you can diable analog inputs one by one so a 16 channel analog/16 channel Ip can become a 32 channel NVR (with no analog inputs).

From March: A, I am assuming you have contacted your local March Networks sales manager to discuss this project. If you have not, recommend you do so or please free to contact me as I am Director of Product Management and enjoy discussing any customer application. Overall if you need a solution comprised of both a low cost hybrid recorder and a true central management system, a sales price of $2000/recorder could be difficult depending upon the number of channels same as Bob above points out but there are different product options that we can discuss using our Command solution which integrates with our Hybrid Recorders all under a common, easy to use interface.

Dan, of your product options, what is the lowest cost / tier option you have? Are you saying that it is Command or?

March offers both Hybrid and NVR recorders. The Hybrid offering spans 4, 8, 16 and 32 channel models and price will vary based on HD size. The NVRs scale to 32 or 128 channels and analog cameras are integrated with our 4 channel encoder. The options with the lowest channel count will be the least expensive but each has advantages depending upon the application needs.