Banjo - Live Time (Real Time Data Analytics)

I had the pleasure to attend the INC 5000 conference last week and I heard Damien Patton the CEO/CTO of Banjo speak about his Live Time solution which uses AI to search through social media, 911 data, traffic cams and other digital information in real time to see what information is true and what is fake which is called "event-detection engine". I have never heard of this solution but it makes sense and looks like it could be a game changer. If the software does what he says it does I could see this being a very powerful tool in the law enforcement/security world. I did speak with Damien for a couple of minutes and he said they are currently flying under the radar and only focusing on media and news outlets right now. I thought would share this as I thought it was very interesting.

Anyone know of anyone else doing something like this?

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