Ballot Stuffing The Most Idiotic Industry Person Results

The only thing sadder than pointless awards are people who try to rig them....

Check it out:

You will notice that the leaders, by a factor of 10 - 30x over everyone else are Richard Brent, John Chigos, Victoria Ferro and Scott Schafer.

Even sadder, I found out about this from Arecont who is actually promoting this:

In fairness, Schafer's misunderstanding of bytes and pixels plus untimely, shameless promotion of pixels per dollars did influence us to write: Arecont Accurately Predicts Its Own Fall.

Why in the world would anyone want to stuff this ballot? Securityhive? Really?

To test it out, in 2 minutes, I was able to cast 20 votes for Bud Broomhead. Any man who can silently bankrupt his company, void warranties and then make money on that in his next company warrants recognition in this vote.

Are people so desperate to win an award?

Ok, somebody stuff for ONVIF, please...

I'm holding off until BjorkDahlPer has been replaced with Austin Powers...

Maybe I'm naive but I'd like to think my stuffed votes can make a difference.

I like Bud just for the name ;)

Vote early and often, in this case literally....

Next year I am going to enter my dog Zeke. For sure. I will also make sure he wins by paying someone to just vote for him 500 times. was built for that.

I'll vote for deez nuts

Not enough of you are voting for John. I would like him to win and then we can get him a plaque with “John Honovich: The Most Idiotic Security Industry Person of the year 2015. As chosen by popular vote on”

I'm contacted every year because I've "been selected" as the Woman Entrepenuer of the Year or some equally impressive title. Early in my career (25+yrs ago) I fell for it and contacted them at which time I found out that me and several thousand others were "selected" and featured in the magazine that my $45.00 "acceptance fee" paid for. The whole thing is a magazine subscription selling scam but they massage your ego and make you feel important till you send the money and receive your first copy of the magazine & realize you were duped. Yes - we're that desparate to win an award or be recognized especially in our youth. How sad and pathetic is that? I now have kids & grandkids at those ages and try telling them not to buy into it but a few have enough narcisism in them that they can't resist and will fall for it every time.

Gentlemen, I think we are witnessing the emergence of a middle finger...

2, you have way too much time on your hands....

Awwwww man! Looks like they caught on to it, but not before John Chigos managed to throw in an extra 150 for himself.

Who's stuffing for me??? It's pointless. This won't teach them any lesson nor am I going to accept / participate.

I almost feel bad for Securityhive, which is a small relatively unknown site. The real embarrassment in all this are manufacturers that are stuffing to win.

Well, it is certainly not our interns stuffing the ballot box for you!!! In my defense they need something to do that teaches them about business and I couldn't think of a better learning opportunity to showcase how most of it is smoke and mirrors.

Update: CNL's stuffing is strong! CNL, always looking for any form of validation, now has 500+ votes.

Poor Fredrik Nilsson still stuck at 9 votes. Schmode at -745....

Update: Platesmart CEO at 863 and Arecont's Schafer just broke 700. Keep stuffing!

Schafer appears to be unstoppable, his influence is growing by the hour. J.H.'s middle finger has been blunted, and is now just a stubby reminder of those 4 minutes in August when he was the one that 'had the right stuff'....

I demand A recount.

He is the inventor of 'Pixel Per Dollar'...

Perhaps I just have been living in my own little world....... but I have been in the industry for over 20 years and have never heard of Richard Brent, John Chigos or Victoria Ferro.... I know Scott Schafer only because he use to work for us.

Lol, sigh, yes...

Update: Voting closed on September 15. Final leader board taken down. In its place only the message "Results to be published shortly."

Last known snapshots of the undersized voting apparatus, right before it seized up, showed that Scott Schafer had amassed literally thousands of sincere affirmations of supreme industry influence, from literally thirty or more direct reports, to whom Scott is understandably the most influential person in the industry.

Now all we can do is wait for a puff of white smoke to emerge from the hive, indicating that, indeed the votes have been counted and recounted, and finally recounted, and that will of the voters is at last done. Power to the Pixel!

John - Surely participation in this sort of thing ...and then a winner's speech on the podium denouncing the whole thing would be quite a thing to behold?

Axis is proud!

Ironically Schafer, who by most counts had more than 2x the votes when the tally was pulled, ultimately could not overcome an overwhelming alphabetic displacement...

But he knows he is the most influential and that is what counts...

First, they spelled Tom Galvin's name wrong.

Second, it appears they picked the "Top 12" from a list of 26 names? Not exactly an elite club.

"it appears they picked the "Top 12" from a list of 26 names? Not exactly an elite club."

Now, I feel even worse :(

I think those were are the names submitted from last year and they did not offer / allow people to add new names. It's just weird all around.

I thought it was funny how most of the people on the list had over-inflated bios, and your name just had something like "John is an expert on IP cameras and VMS" or something like that.

I'm sure we can all look forward to great things to come from these award winners.

I think we may all owe Arecont an apology for the stuffing allegations contained in this discussion, since Security Hive has now determined the root cause of the ballot overage:

Stuck voting button, w/o reset.

Sorry, Arecont.

Time to vote again, half of the "influencers" from last year are not up for re-election.

John isn't on there. Neither is Marty Major. Neither am I.

I guess that leaves Fedrik Nillson?

Though apparently this is not a procedural issue, as the popular incumbent Mr. Schafer is poised for another run this year, despite allegations of voting irregularities in the last.

Though it remains to be seen whether he can top his record high metric of 19 VPP, (votes per person), even with the rumored QoS tweaking done in Glendale to insure faster packet delivery this year.


Unknown camera manufacturer has been hacked, cameras now vote for a specific person in a contest instead of collecting Bitcoins.

Fredrick Nielsen of Axis is clearly the favorite now ;)

Who do you make sure you check out as a conference speaker, or follow closely on twitter, or read all their blogs?

How many even personally blog?

Below is a list of nominations submitted during July.

Wonder what the nomination process consisted of? What a waste...