Ball Type PTZ Camera


We are looking, for a customer of ours, cameras that similar to these Bosch cameras.

Bosch PTZ Cameras

The important features for these cameras are:
1. PTZ camera analog or TVI (even better).
2. Free standing (meaning not dome cameras) so the camera can look up over the horizon.
3. Round/ball shape so when looking at them from a distance you cannot know here the camera is pointed at.

These features are imperative.

Manufacturers are welcome to offer.

There is Redvision in the UK. Indigovision has one (Interceptor).

There's not a lot of options out there.

You mention TVI, so are you looking for a low cost Asian option? There might be some out there but I am not familiar.

Not sure who the manufacturer really is but there is this one:

If you want TVI, have you considered taking a Speeddome and inverting it?