Is This The Craziest RFP You Have Ever Seen?

A member sent this along as a crazy example of inefficiency with the RFP purchasing process:

By the way, a Bosch DS160 PIR costs about $50 online.

Maybe the purchaser didn't realize this piece is rather inexpensive?

In any case, I expect far more money will be spent coordinating this buy, collecting bids, approving vendor paperwork, and issuing payment than the actual cost of the item.

Not to mention that anyone actually responding to this RFP is likely significantly padding price to cover internal admin costs (IE: filling out paperwork, faxing certificates of insurance, meeting NAICS codes, so on) of responding.

What is the craziest RFP you've responded to?

Something very similar to that, I believe we were asked to just supply, not install, but supply like four or five panasonic ip dome cameras.

A courthouse that wanted IP cameras and VCR recorder. I'm not even kidding, they had riser diagrams and everything showing the IP cameras going stright to a VCR recorder. I wish I had the bid docs still. The bid was pulled and reissued after a few days when they realized what they did.