Bad Image Sensor?

What is wrong with my camera? I have had several cameras do this, but this is the newest camera. Most have been Axis 216FD cameras, but this is my first M3114. I understand it to be a bad image sensor, but not much more. Can someone explain to me why it is doing this?

Looks like you are missing all your reds...

Does this camera not have a real day/night filter?

Maybe the virtual cut filter is not working?

This is after a reset? How many others did this? Permanently?

No, it does not have a mechanical IR cut filter and I was not aware of a virtual cut filter, is that a thing? I have had IR cut filters get stuck in daytime mode, but the picture is all a pink tint.

I cannot get it to stop doing this with software tweaking (camera settings, firmware upgrade, reboot, and factory default). If I turn the contrast down to around 17, the pink is isolated to the bright spots in the sky between the clouds.

This is the 1st 3114 I have seen this on. I have had 3 216FDs and 1 M3201 do this.

What software are you using and how is your wiring? No way that many cameras have been bad.

Is there really such a thing as a virtual cut filter? That is a profound philosophical question. ;)

Cameras that have a b+w mode, but no cut filter, do their best after the fact by image processing. Here it looks like the red channel has been turned into b+w but the others have not. Maybe it's stuck in Arecont Emulation Mode. ;)

Bad Sensor...get Axis to replace it...they have a history of them with all the models you mentioned.

They did? Product recall announcement? Service bulletin link? Anything to back that up with basically. Not that I don’t believe you, just need some proof!

Hi Ross,

They rarely would promote/acknowledge something like sensor failures and it wasn't 100% but 216's and some other's would see this exact type of failure...I say this because I am a past employee and still have a couple of the bad senors in my possession.

Got it, thanks for the info!


Not long ago I had a post on IPVM with Exacq and Axis cams making for bad video for H264 streams ONLY. The MJPEG streams we all OK.

The eventual fix for that was to perform a factory reset on the cam.