Axis Retargeted Web Advertising?

We all know how advertisers get us through "targeted" web ads. You look for something on amazon, or buy something, and suddenly all your web ads are for that product. I buy a Jos A Bank suit online, and now many of my web ads are for what I just bought.

Well, starting last week, all my ads on Drudge Report are Axis with that nice elephant stepping on a camera. I wonder where I picked up that cookie? Probably not IPVM. ISC west show web site?

Has anyone else experienced this?


This is retargeting, something that Axis historically not done, but should do.

The normal way to retarget is from a visit to the company's site, e.g., However, there are other ways to retarget, e.g., you can retarget based on opening emails (e.g., did you open the recent Axis newsletter?).

I have not seen Axis retargeting ads yet and they are definitely not from IPVM :)

That said, retargeting is something that is valuable for almost every business, see our retargeting tutorial.

I agree it is popular and necessary for most companies... Ghostery blocks just about everything on my machine, before I started using it IPVM and Avigilon were appearing pretty much on every ad... Personally before Ghostery I wouldn't click ads, if an ad caught my eye I would just go directly to the website... not sure if others do the same or if I am the odd man out...

Nope, I did not get the axis newsletter, nor have I clicked on any ads. I got an invite to the axis party but did not respond. After a week the axis ads are gone.

Of course I'm a specifier so I don't buy cameras anyway...

I guess none of our integrator friends are getting is?