Axis: US Largest Customer Of The Year - CDW

Who's #1?

At least for Axis US, it is evidently CDW:

CDW is not a typical choice for security integrators but they are popular for end users.



Axis: Skip The Traditional Dealers. Buy All Your Cameras From CDW

CDW: We Love You Axis But Here is Samsung for 50% Less

Corporate customers who use their internal staff to install use cdw as already have accounts setup and easy to buy with discounts.

CDW is still 10-15% higher even using our corporate account and discount. We get things from three or four random online stores and go with whichever one is cheapest at the time.

I thought it was always like this. "You can buy it through CDW. Your normal processes can procure that." is a known method to get instant approval from a CIO. This is an example of why selling on hardware margin is an idea who's time has come and gone.

Axis NA head declares in TechCrunch:

"Swedish companies are more fiscally responsible than most — no flashy hotels or first class travel — even for management."

I wonder if he said it during their roaring twenties themed sales event in Cancun Mexico....

It's a known fact that Martin flies coach. On the other-hand, the spoiled American employee wouldn't tolerate such an outrageous idea.