Axis T8640 Ethernet Over Coax

I am working on both access control and IP video quotes for a customer. They are looking to put both in an elevator cab; the two devices are:

- Axis camera (I chose the Q8414-LVS)

- Stanley Eyelock Nano (biometrics as a supplement to a proximity reader for an "either or" option)

I spoke with the elevator company (Kone) and it looks like I have two cabling options for the traveler cable, RG6 and/or fiber (I do not want to use wireless by the way). The plan is to use the RG6 with a couple Axis T8640 converters. My questions are:

1. Has anyone used the T8640 and if so, what were your results?

2. This one is a long shot, but has anyone used the Eyelock device with a similar converter with success?

My thoughts are that it will probably work without issue, but I thought this may be a good community resource for feedback. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you

It bears emphasizing how cable grade plays a big role in just how far those extenders work, ie:

The Q8414-LVE states 8.7W are needed for full IR, and using RG-6 is good for about 400m.

Assuming you aren't using this in an ultra-high skyscraper, you should be fine on the spec side.

Supporting the cable may still be an issue. Obviously you want/need to mitigate stress on the connectors, and get a jacket rated to flex, if not be 'travel rated' outright.

Also, this is the first time we've heard of Axis' anti-hanging design being used - and it is in an elevator. (Not a jail cell or isolation room.)

Thanks for your reply Brian, the information is appreciated. The cables will be part of the elevator traveler cable and supplied by the elevator company.

As for the camera type, yes I understand if far exceeds its intended purpose. My thought was to find something similar to the elevator cab interior in an attempt to blend with the surroundings (though I have never been hands on with this product). It is upscale residential and he liked the idea when presented. Do you have any suggestions on other products that may work in a similar fashion as I have described (other than spray painting)?

You might consider hiding the camera altogether using a covert model.

Axis examples are the P12 series or F series, although many manufacturers offer similar units, ie:

It may take a little more craft skill to run cable and hide the lens unit inside the cab, but the payoff is the potential for a better-positioned camera and even less obtrusiveness.