Axis T8124 PoE Injector Not Enough Power Alternative.

I am using axis poe midspan t8124 a 60 watt at 48 v unit however in extreme cold it doesnt produce power required.I was thinking about using a phihong poe 80u-560(g) its 80 watts but 56v instead of 48v do you see my concern?Has anyone experimented with this option?

How long is the cable and what category is it?

What is the lowest temperature you see?

Which (Axis PTZ ?) model is it?

Cables are not issue as some are like 20 feet and others 70 -80 feet .Get message on screen not enough power to run ptz and camera with heater running.Can't remember exact message but its to that effect.

Asking about the cable length/gauge/model# so that the current flow can be estimated, to determine whether it would be safe.

Isn't that your 'concern'?

PoE voltage at the supply side (switch or midspan) can be up to 57V and powered devices should be able to accept that voltage as well. I wouldn't be concerned about it.

Agree that the camera should work at 57v.

Misunderstood Gerald's question to be about safety.

80w at 57v is 1.4 amps(max). 4 conductors sharing 1.4 amps is 350 ma on each. Current capacity of AWG 26 is 360 ma.

Axis camera q6045e model .Temperature issue when goes below -30C or if wind is up.We are using standard cat 5e.

Contacted Axis never got a real fix for it.If unit had 120/24v option would have solve all issues.

I am using axis poe midspan t8124 a 60 watt at 48 v unit however in extreme cold it doesnt produce power required.

Is the t8124 itself in extreme cold or just the camera? The t8124 is rated down to only -20C, so if it is in the cold, perhaps it could be brought inside or a heater could be added to its enclosure.

Also, the phi is rated to -40C, so that could help with that. But if the injector itself is not cold then it seems strange because the camera is rated to -50C, and with a 20ft run, there is little voltage drop.

Is the failure on cold boot? Does this model use Axis Arctic heating? Either way the phi injector, IMHO, has a good chance of solving the problem.

However, just so you are aware, this is what the spec sheet says about the POE implementation:

The max current per conductor of 24G wire, often found in cat 5e, is .577. The spec says average current per pair of .72. My understanding is that because Ethernet provides its own return path, that you must treat a pair as a single conductor when considering current capacity. I feel only qualified enough to point this out, and hopefully someone else can interpret this.

Thanks for information really indept commentary.I will definately take wire size in consideration.

Your welcome.

Maybe you are actually using a T8124-E? If not, have you considered getting one? They go down to -40C.