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Is Axis Still Number One In IP Cameras?

What a difference four years make. This anachronistic proclamation can be found on Axis' Products page:

The link leads to a press release from 2012 concerning IMS data from 2011, and says among other things:

Axis Communications strengthens its market leader position in network video and takes the number one position in the category of surveillance cameras. This is confirmed in the latest IMS Research report.

Does anyone know if it is still true for overall surveillance cameras? Maybe just for network cameras? Or is it time to update the website?

Personally, I think the industry should grant the them title of "Market Leader Emeritus", in recognition of starting the whole shabang...

So Hikvision did more than 3x Axis total revenue in 2014, Hikvision had ~$2.5 billion USD in revenue. Axis did ~$700 million USD revenue in 2014.

Since 2010, Axis has roughly doubled from ~$360 million but Hikvision has increased 500%.

To that end, Hikvision is trumpeting that they are #1 overall. On that page, you see the 2012 claims based on them doing 'just' $1.1 billion, less than half of what they did last year. Equally importantly, Hikvision had a very late start in IP, so they've probably shot up a lot in IP just in the last 2 years.

Did Hikvision sell more units of IP cameras than Axis in 2014? Most certainly (because Hikvision's average selling price is much lower than Axis).

Did Hikvision do more total revenue in IP cameras than Axis in 204? Not sure, probably close.

Are Hikvision's numbers wildly driven up by mega Chinese projects, including installation? Yes.

Overall, the 'who's #1' question only benefits manufacturer marketing departments and gets people away from focusing on what product best fits the needs and budgets of real applications.

Probably per region would be a better claim...

It certainly would be more specific / more relevant, though manufacturer marketing people prefer to claim unqualified number 'oneness'.

On the positive side, for buyers in Europe and America, what people are buying in China is frequently not applicable / meaningful. Also, China's number / growth skews local analysis when mixed in, e.g., The China Surveillance Skew

In Axis 2013 report, they claimed to be #1 in security cameras. Now in the 2014 report they have removed it.

The 2014 report still claims to be #1 in network video and encoders.