Axis Site Designer - What Do You Think?

New Axis release - announcement here, tool here.

Below is their intro video:

What do you think?

So it lets you put in all your prospects and their project information and store it at


Sigh, that's pretty conspiracy theory.

How so? I'm not saying that Fujio himself is going to start calling on your prospects, that would be a dead giveaway. :)

But a departing Axis employee on their way to a new job, or a bad apple RSM, or just a system glitch that could expose your customers and prospects is something worthy of consideration, no?

One, you don't need to give that much specific information about the project. You could just say "Big Hospital" e.g. And I severely doubt that Axis RSMs would ever have any access to this.

I do recognize that integrators are sensitive about such things but I don't think this is likely.

How about before we go to such an extreme, address whether or not this is worth using?

...address whether or not this is worth using?

For an IPVM member probably not. I don't see it being a site designer. Where is the layout tool? It's basically an (Axis) camera selector with a bandwidth calculator and BOM generator, tied together by persistence.

Its no match for the IPVM camera calculator/finder, IMHO.

That was one element I was confused about. There does not seem to be a way to lay out cameras out side by side / on a floorplan, etc. That's pretty common in any design tool (Visio, JVSG, CAD, whatever).

I do like the overhead camera angling controls / visualization. It's something that we have talked for a while about adding but it has been less demanded than other features we have prioritized.

I also didn't see a way to enable their new 'slip stream' compression, or set the proper resolution for their 4k camera