AXIS Q6045-E Blackout When Below -30

I have 9 of these in field and when temperature goes below -30 or if windchill goes to -45 to -50 then i get the black screen with insufficient power to run ptz message type of response. I know the problem is the poe switch cant supply enough power to run ptz video and heater at once. I have spoken to tech support but didn't get a fix for it. I reboot unit but only works for while. I wish unit had an option to accept 24 volts becuase power can be supplied quite easily. I am thinking about closing the air vents somehow for winter then outside air intake will be reduced,or insulating the plastic outside dome to reduce heat loss.I am using poe switch provided with unit and cameras are in close proximity to poe injector. Any ideas ot others experience this issue?

"I have spoken to tech support but didn't get a fix for it."

Tech support for Axis or tech support for your switch provider? Either way, what did they suggest?

This would help us provide better feedback / not duplicate what they have already said.

I had issues in the Q6032-E days (~4years ago) with condensation, not shutdown.

Sweden provided a custom firmware at the time.

Further along, the Q6034-E and Q6035-E seemed to work better for us, out-of-the-box.

We do get -40 in our area.

Sorry, but I have no experience with the newer 45's. I would have expected the cold weather issues would be a thing of the past.

I always bemoaned that the Q60xx-E's never had a 24VAC option. Would make migration from 24VAC analog PTZ poles easier.

I realize I'm not of much help ...

Custom firmware that solves condensation issues? wow.

Just like they can 'heat' cameras without any additional heaters shown here.

Are you using the Axis 60W midspan that ships with the camera or just a POE switch?

I am using the 60 w midspan included which according to tech support is really 75 watts ,60 usable.I am using it with a american fiberteck poe unit which is 50 watts and around -25 it stops producing enough power and i have to put midspan to boost and then not all cams but some quit around -35 or so.I am using it with exacqvision server and every now and then it drops a camera.I updated cams and server which improved situation 10 fold.