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Axis Promise: 4K In Q2 Or Q3 Or ?

It's not uncommon for April fools day press releases to have claims that are never intended to be met... But consider these two from AXIS, issued on the same day about the same camera with dates 90 days apart:


The new AXIS P14 Series is planned to debut in Q2 2014 through Axis’ distribution channels at suggested retail prices ranging from $599 for the HDTV 1080p model to $799 for the 5 MP model with OptimizedIR. Suggested retail price for AXIS P1428-E with 4K resolution is $999.

And then

AXIS P1428-E Network Camera with 4K resolution is planned to be available in Q3 2014 through Axis’ distribution channels at a suggested retail price of $999.

This directly from their site, so if its a typo they've had a quarter to correct it (or get the camera out)

Any partners seen any P14's yet?

Sigh. Bosch first announced their 4K camera on April Fool's ISC West 2013, still not out...

For what it's worth, I expect a half dozen 4K cameras to be shipping by the end of 2014 #lowexpectations

Information channel stuffing.

April 1st is the first day of the second quarter, i.e. the earliest date one could announce a product and still ship the same quarter. But if that was the plan they missed.

There are benefits to early announcing, FUD creation and such, but it must also take its toll on ones own products, as people defer purchases and wait. Say what you want about apple but they usually got that part of the anticipation/expectation/consumation cycle right.