Axis Praises Mandatory Surveillance!

Remember The World's Most Demanding Surveillance Requirements?

Well, they are expanding to new countries and Axis is excited.

Axis Middle East and Africa Marketing Manager said [sarcasm / fake]:

"We are going to beat our number easy this year. I am getting a big bonus while all you suckers get more cameras than you need. Woohoo."

Actually, he said in the article titled "Axis praises mandatory video surveillance in Dubai":

"By making these systems compulsory, Dubai authorities are taking a proactive approach to crime prevention, emergency response and protecting the people and property of this city."

Axis is especially encouraged that cameras are mandatory in residential buildings, arguing:

"Apartments, for example, tend to have large, frequently-changing populations, which means building residents rarely know each other."

If Axis could only get this to happen in the US, it would surely boost their struggling growth numbers.

Also Axis' Partners are very, very excited about this......;))))))))))



I think it's a little unfair to paint this picture of Axis, when all companies in the industry would be equally excited. Literally putting words in their mouth and making them sound like bigots. How am I supposed to believe you when you say this is an objective, unbiased website?!. I am now skeptical of all your reviews and opinions. You may think you're just having fun and trying to be entertaining, what's the big deal?. But, your influencing a large crowd of people and have planted this seed in people's minds that Axis, in particular, is greedy and only looking to take advantage of situations. If you're going to write these goofy and opinionated columns, please either make then apply to all companies or none. I don't work for Axis and don't only sell Axis, but I can even see this.

"when all companies in the industry would be equally excited."

Did all companies in the industry make public statements like Axis did?

"either make then apply to all companies or none"

I have applied this to all companies that have gone on the record publicly with such foolish statements. If there are other companies doing so, I'd happily add those in.

Making surveillance mandatory is unnecessary and wasteful. Praising it in public is even worse.

I agree with John but would add that making surveillance mandatory is not only wasteful, it is a symptom of Big Brotherism in its most excessive form.

what should the marketing director of one of the largest surveillence manufacturers say instead, (if he would like to keep his job)?

"In what is widely viewed as a freedom limiting move, Dubai authorities have wastefully and unnecessarily mandated compulsory video surveillance. But know that even during these bleak times, Axis stands ready to aid.

We are dutifully insuring that our channel is operating at peak efficiency, so that adequate supplies are available to all for painless adherence. This commitment extends even to our lipstick cams, (you know the ones so small your tenants won't notice and your neighbors will mistakenly report you for non-compliance!).

Axis: Committed to reluctantly respecting sovereign judgements everywhere"

The simple answer is: no comment.

The more sophisticated answer is: vague comments on the benefits of surveillance generally, no comment on the value or appropriateness of making it mandatory.

These are professional marketing people. They are supposed to recognize politically sensitive topics, like mandating surveillance cameras, and avoid touting them.

Actually, he said in the article "Axis praises mandatory video surveillance in Dubai"

actually isnt that just the headline created by the constructionweekonline reporter Aby Thomas?

what is the context of this statement? the article never says. what was the question exactly? constructionweekonline scoop? exclusive?

i cant find it Axis' in official press releases, nor any other security mag, outside of automatic news aggregators.

i not disputing that Khoury thinks the decision is good for Dubai, but that is limited to a couple of carefully worded sentences max, which is a much smaller gaffe than issuing an official press release with the title "Axis praises mandatory video surveillance in Dubai"

The quote immediately below is what he said. That is the title of the article. I inserted the word 'titled' in that statement up top to make it clear.

So issuing a press release would be even worse but marketing professionals are also trained to be careful about getting quoted by publications and to avoid politically insensitive comments.

This whole article should really be expanded to the whole region where local govenments are all generating certain levels mandated requirements, because it is a region where there are constant high level risks & threats, as such "Making surveillance mandatory in unnecessary and wasteful. Praising it in public is even worse" is a very poor statement when discussing the higher level threats that are always present throughout the region.

Furthermore, with the global "view point" of the Middle East thanks to the conflicts and the general media positioning of the risks in the region, Dubai police are going out of their way to show that Dubai is a safe place to come to visit and live. And after being in Atlanta last week, certainly feel safer living in Dubai than visiting Atlanta, or most parts of America for that matter!!

Having been in the region for the past decade working on many critical and high risk locations/projects, i know of many times where a combination of mandated surveillance and good intelligence has directly saved thousands of lives, particularly Expatriates lives, through preventing various incidents such as terror threats before they happen.

Without the mandated installation of surveillance solutions in so many key locations, almost all end users would simply not have any surveillance at all, or what they do get, has historically been so poor in quality and functionality that its been pointless having it at all, hence the minimum requirements being enforced.

I will however say that some of the extreme levels of surveillance in terms of quantities of cameras mandated is on the extreme level and could be dialed back and used more efficiently, but personally, i'd prefer big bother to be keeping a close eye on things out here, rather than not watching at all...

Axis, Sony, Hikvision, March Networks, Bosch, Vanguard, Arecont, Milestone and other Manufacturers have all benefited greatly from these mandated laws in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar.

However Axis, Milestone and Sony in particular have benefitted the most through their proactive enagement with the Authorities and media.

I praise Axis for their efforts in directly and openly speaking about it and generating hype & momentum around the success of their products in the region.

Axis partners are seeing Axis more as a competitor than a partner these days.

I'm convinced the conversation in Lund has become about selling the entire solution.

The release of their NVR & VMS in North America has already prompted me to begin bringing other camera partners into opportunities I've developed.

"Axis partners are seeing Axis more as a competitor than a partner these days."

This I disagree..

For what is my personal experience, Axis is maybe one of the few ones remained in the market that really shows (and acts) to still believe to the integration with third parties. Only, of course pragmatically they go only with whom who they really feel able to give to their offer a solid value for selling more cameras.. Otherwise of course why they should care?..

In 2 weeks in Lund there will be the second ACAP (Axis Camera Application Platform) conference, where the best ACAP-ADP in the world are invited to a technical and commercial round-table for discussing together about the present and the future of the ACAP solutions.. Aren't you invited?..

Some months ago the main ACAP-ADP Partners had the opportunity to test and to give feedbacks to the latest beta version of the new firmware.. Well pretty different for example in respect of whom who has made the term "open platform" the manifesto of its marketing, but then in real practice their Partners know about the new releases of the SDK just by the commercial newsletters...........

ACC has grown and it is pushed more and more, but it's far to be Milestone or Genetec or Seetec or whatever else professional complete VMS. And probably it will never be and they are not that motivated in pushing that, until there are reliable expert ADPs working with them for this.

Their motion detection 2.0 has somehow improved, but it's far to be real video analysis. And probably it will never be and they are not that motivated in pushing that, until there are reliable expert ADPs working with them for this.

Also Samsung, Vivotek and some others are starting this way of approaching.

Coming back to the main topic of the post, my joke before asides, I actually do not see anything strange or "dirty" on what it was said... If I sell milk and a law states that all persons must drink 1 liter of milk per day, of course I happily praise it: it would be weird to expect the opposite.....

I don't think that also the other cameras vendors are desperately committing suicide for that....)) Maybe they don't apply a press release to exploit their happiness, but maybe just not yet.....))

Then of course we can discuss if this law can be good or not... But that's another topic..




You build analytics that bolt onto the Axis cameras. Your existence is somewhat dependent on them so I understand your view is different

We are an Axis partner that is not dependent on Axis. Quite to the contrary, we drive end user business and Axis is the beneficiary. This amounts to tens of thousands of cameras selling through annually because of our partnership

In that regard, Axis is not a good partner for now bringing product to market to directly compete with us.

Fortunately, as I mentioned, there are alternatives

Sounds like at least 10 cameras per building. 25,000 buildings x 10 cameras x avg. cam cost = ?


According to Dubai Police, owners of buildings, residential and offices, will have to comply with this new rule. The CCTV cameras and security systems to be installed have to be in accordance with specifications set by Dubai Police. Major Arif Al Janahi, Director, Protection Systems Department, Dubai Police said: “Landlords of 25,000 buildings still have to install surveillance cameras and security system in their buildings. He added that fines will be imposed on those not complying. Major Al Janahi stated that this action comes under Act No 10 of 2014 and amendments to provisions of Law No 24 of 2008 on service providers and security regulations. He emphasised that several meetings have been held with owners and real estate companies where they were informed of all details with the explanation of all required specifications.

He said landlords can use one of 650 companies registered by Dubai Police to install the requirements. Explaining some of the specifications Major Al Janahi said the CCTV cameras, according to the law, should be stable, fixed and must have clear vision. He added that they must be installed at all entrances to the facility where the picture of a person entering can be clearly seen. Also, surveillance cameras are to be fixed at all emergency exits and that lead in and out of the facility. Lobby areas and on sections leading to the elevators are also to be covered by camera. Reception areas, entrances to health clubs, parking entrances and exits are also to be CCTVed – the latter requiring the number plates of cars to be clearly visible.

The issue here isn't the demand to the landlord on the requirement but the washy nature of the design spec. Major Al Janahi Says you must have cameras and they must be stable, fixed and clear vision this means nothing. Is that a HD camera? Clear vision? Is it 10 cameras, I think you could sit on the fence and do it with 4.. you won't be able to "recognise" anyone but you would have "detection" which is clearly visible.. And there lies the issue.. I think Axis and no doubt others might dream of thousands of sales of new cameras, I wonder it it might be more of a win for the happy sunshine bargain basement cctv company...

From Dubai.

This will end up being a DVR/NVR Analogue business.

With the Chinese products flooding the market - each of these building will be a $600-$900 project including installation and commissioning.

I can’t see Axis taking advantage of this...

 example of the daily spam mail and the alternative prices:

"I can’t see Axis taking advantage of this..."

which would be ironic since they were the first ones to stick their necks out with proactive praise; praise which then drew a stinging industry rebuke, all for naught apparently.

maybe there is some part of the actual ruling which specifies acceptable technologies that will be favorable to Axis.

depending on the sector/vertical market and city/country of concern, there are specific requiments that enforce items such as minimum frame rate and resolution, with 720p-1080p being the minimum requirements and in some extreme cases like Qatar, 3mp @ 20fps being mandated.

On the higher level IP side, companies like Arecont, Axis, Hikvision and March Networks have all prospered from these requirements because they were the first to get approval and/or support from both the local authorites & end users by complying to a level that was acceptable in quality and price.

So, it looks that the market that is going to have the highest profit thanks to this law is the market of waste disposal....;))

Now I expect to read a new press release "MHT Praises Mandatory Surveillance!".....)))




as per Law No. (24) of 2008, recorder should be digital, with LAN connectivity, recorder should be able to deliver live display at 25fps. recording should be able to recored with not less than 3fps at 2 CIF. The camera resolution must be no less than 420 TVL for colour and 480 TVL for monochrome cameras, or the equivalent pixels

i don't think land lord has a budget to install high end CCTV system, and because it is mandatory for sure they will go with any cheap product, unless dubai police change the specifications.

Chip all the hippies and it makes things easier, for sure. Perhaps relying on artificial requirements is not a scalable business model.

Are they fixin to have all the buildings tied into some colossus monitoring/collecting station downtown? That makes a big difference the way I see things.

If they would be normally under the thumb of the building owner, I don't get the big brother panty bunching. Most folk I know, (these parts), expect and would rightly welcome that your apartment complexes of a certain size have cameras. Dare say that say most of em do already, even in the good ol us of a.

The cost to the owner might be worth hollering over, but thats just same as any other rigamarole, and if the good people of Dubai are hunky dory with it, then whats the beef?

Strike all that if them be aiming for state controlled repression. But I dont recollect anybody sayin that.